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I prefer the 1350 to the t5p...more bass. But the calipers sucz.
Heard a modded balanced t5p, outstanding...sounded like a bigger 1350:p

Yesterday test driven the kef m200, that double dynamic driven iem has layered oodles of depth, n punchy bass..
Had I not steered myself I would hv perished.:-)
(The earloop is very mouldable, in 30sec I gotten a good fit.)

Back to the mikros, if u hv extention candles lying around
Try it on for a diff sound:-)
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Originally Posted by Trunks159 View Post

Damn right! Can't deal with stock Mikros' pads no moe'. I'd suggest the QC3 pads.

Has anyone confirmed that the QC3 pads are compatible?

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Re T5P, I'm taking T51P. Different beast methinks.

Re M200's, yeah, if you get a good fit, they are beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, these ostry kc06's are pretty sweet as well for half the price :-)
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ya..i know u are toking abt the T51p,  i was referring to your quote earlier.:P

Hope u get a better fit n comfort off the T51p .

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Cant believe NAD was rated No 1 on the shootout, and Sony MDR above Mikros.

Side by side, KEF M500 n PSB killed NAD for clarity n soundstaging to my ears,

NAD imaged very LEFT n RIGHT...flat soundstage, duhhh.

MDR sounded hollow. unappetizing.  Dun shoot me, just my ears.


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@Armillery: me... too many times
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Originally Posted by waynes world View Post


Have you heard the Beyer T51P's? During a moment of weakness, I ordered a pair. They can be had for $176 at ncix.com right now.


I always lusted after the DT1350's, but never bit due to comfort concerns. After reading Macedonian's review and ongoing hype of the T51P, and then reading this review and this video, I buckled.


I think they look really good, and I'm pretty sure they are going to be quite comfortable. Here's hoping that they at least match up to the Mikros 90's in the SQ department!

I haven't heard the T51p.  I'll be waiting to hear what you think.

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Is it time for u to start some modding? 

My favourite is a combo of corkchops n felt at the base of the cups...

(the hole can be opened or remain closed.)

And more corkchops ringed, under each driver (avoid blocking the hole)


U get tigggght subterraneous subwofferbassss :P

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Originally Posted by Trunks159 View Post

@Armillery: me... too many times

Well I appreciate your help anyhow :)

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Lehmann BCL on 0 gain.

GREAT pairing now with the Mikros 90 [stock, even, and with the Pipeline ET-4, even].

Detailed, sweet and musical!  This amp accentuates all of the ML's steller qualities, with no downside.

It's like learning to enjoy and appreciate these exceptional headphones all over again.

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what happened... u found the sweetestspot at zero gain>? :P

I believe i get more details n greater depth with Low gain on my Audiogd dac/amp too. 

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Originally Posted by Ric4001 View Post

I just bought the Mikros 90 and have had a chance to compare that at home with some others I have.  My initial impressions are the same as at the Best Buy listening station -- these have plenty of high end and a really nice refined, articulate bass that is not at all boomy.  I would say they are similar to the sound -- specifically the balance between high and low end -- of my AKG Q701 with lots of crisp high end (but not as much as those--the Q701 is very very bright) and a really nice bass that has plenty of definition without sounding boomy.  Less bass than the P5s (which I compared them with in the store tonight), but better high end detail than the P5s.  I compared them side by side at home with my Klipsch Ones, B&W P3s, Beyer DT 1350s and VModa 80s.  The Mikros are clearly better than all 4 of those.  The Klipsch are basically unlistenable in comparison.  The P3s sound veiled in comparison, but have a slightly stronger bass than the Mikros, but I miss the high end detail of the Mikros when trading back and forth between them and the P3.  The DB1350s sound anemic compared to the Mikros -- no high or low end in the DT1350s, just very blah.  The VModas are midrange heavy compared to the Mikros and lack the detailed high end and refined bass of the Mikros.  I also have AKG Q451s, which aren't in the same league and are dull sounding in comparison.  The comfort of the Mikros is pretty good, but they do clamp a little tight.  Definitely not as comfortable as the Klipsch, B&W or Beyer, all of which have negligible clamping, but they do provide a very good seal over the ears and very good passive noise reduction.  I think they'll get more comfortable as they loosen up a little.  Build quality is excellent -- they feel solid and the thick metal tubing between the headband and the earpiece is really nice and solid.  I still can't understand how other reviewers have described the Mikros as lacking in high end -- they have some the best high end I've heard from any headphone this size.  They really are amazing and clearly are the ones I would choose to listen to among the 5 small headphones I've described here.  I'll keep my P3s handy because I like the way they fold up into a small clamshell, but for all other occasions it's going to be the Mikros I choose.  For reference, I have many, many other headphones, mostly full size over the ear, including AKG Q702, K550; Beyer DT770, DT880, DT990, Custom Pro; Shure SRH 840, SRH940; Senn 600, 650; Sony 7506; AT M50s; Grado SR80, SR325; so I know what I like and don't like in headphones.  I've been searching for a portable size headphone that would give me the high end definition and refined bass of these full size headphones, and I think I've finally found it in the Mikros.
The Mikros sounds like a mini q701? I'm sold! That's exactly what I was looking for in a portable headphone! Thank you for that post beerchug.gif
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missing soundstage in that description

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Originally Posted by sofastreamer View Post

missing soundstage in that description
True... Reading reviews the soundstage does seem pretty decent for a portable..... biggrin.gif
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my roadwarriortool....E18 n sansaclip+  n Mikros90....sensational. 

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Some quick thoughts… I got these last week and tried them on and was immediately repulsed by the way they clamped and pushed on my ears. I didn't think the sound was all that great at first but I didn't want to keep them on for more than a few minutes. I took them off and didn't really feel like giving them another chance, but finally did last night. After listening to a few songs, I have to say the sound IS pretty good, but the clamp & force on my ears is still a big issue. I have to say, these are actually the most uncomfortable phones I think I have EVER worn. I know others have mentioned the clamp, but it seems like no-one else is as sensitive to the force of these as I am. The force also makes my ears very warm, which is a further annoyance, and the remote buttons REALLY suck - definitely the worst I've come across, and I'm not a fan of their aesthetic look… but despite those shortcomings, the sound is very good, especially for the price. I guess I will try to find a way to stretch them out and see if that makes them better.

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