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Originally Posted by nino9 View Post

I own IV, and heard V (and VI) at a local meet. FAD Heaven V = clearer II, whilst VI = clearer IV.


But based on my ears, between II and IV, I will pick IV, but between V and VI, I will pick V. II and V are the bass-boosted version of IV and VI.


Now I am saving to buy a used V.


Since we are family here on this train, wanna share this gem :

Warning: Spoiler! ( OT tidbits... :P) (Click to show)

just gotten the FAD Heaven4....one outstanding feature of this iem, is the projecting of the soundstage INFRONT of me...

left to right very cohesive merging of the soundfield. (Not so much like a wide 180degree far left or far right.)

enjoying classical music thru my android fone now..very nice indeed.


Switching over to some electronic music..

Bass is kinda like a Mikros...not heavvvvybasssed, but i can hear the taccck the thummmp, without the boooommmm.

Vocals are quite forward, not recessed.

Good value if u can snag one for less then 100. imho

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Originally Posted by DMax99 View Post

I think the low price set by the online stores such as newegg and amazon has definitely made the Mikros 90 being underrated!

But then again its our gain when the sale price is so low so I shouldn't really be complaining.


I agree. Within the week, I have purchased three pairs: one for use, one to hoard, and one as a family gift. They are my favorite portable can, by far. :)

 They have re-kindled my love for classical and acoustic music.

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HTT...u are "late"...but u are AHEAD of many of us :P

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This thread convinced me to try them and I am happy did. ツ thanks!
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Originally Posted by Lorspeaker View Post

cant wait to see what u coming up with...suedeleathersheepsiliconepad ...thats way above all the hype manzzz...u are the CHAMP !! :P

Right now it's more in the vein of leather for most of the pads then fake suede for the part that contacts the skin. 

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Originally Posted by niron View Post


I have no idea what should I glue, how and where.




Its quite simple: The product I linked is an adhesive, (not like super glue)

You apply a thin coating (to both) underneath the exposed section of the pad also on the cup where it has come apart

 You then allow it to dry for 10 - 15 minutes and press the two pieces together instantly sticking them.

Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2



CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 100


If you do not do this, there's a good chance it will continue to tear and eventually fall off. Or in very rare cases the pads have been known to explode. 

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Excellent there H2O,  also any industrial strength contact cement will do the trick, basically same as what H2O linked up. Key is letting both sides dry adequately, it's how the stuff works. BUT: you only get ONE chance when you stick them together you are done for good, no readjusting.

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H20Fidelity: THANKS!


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If u glue it onto the plastic...how r u gonna mod ? :-)
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All roads would lead us to a second pair ;)

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Originally Posted by niron View Post

All roads would lead us to a second pair ;)

All roads lead us to after-market pads. 

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Just got the V-Moda cable based on Lors recommendation. Seems much more durable with less microphonics than the Stock cable. Will report SQ findings (if any) after burn in.

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Damn right! Can't deal with stock Mikros' pads no moe'. I'd suggest the QC3 pads.
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Originally Posted by elvergun View Post


Man does not live by bread alone....



If I have to go to my room...can I take my M90s with me?  Please?



Seriously though, have you guys heard the DT1350?   In the 1350 thread, many users keep asking if there is a full-sized version of the little Beyer.   I haven't found anything close to the Beyer yet...the closest to the DT1350 I've heard is the T5p.  


The problem with the DT1350 is that the soundstage is really narrow -- imagine listening to your favorite band in a long, constricted room.  


I favor the sound signature of the DT1350...but I also prefer to listen to the Mikros 90 (which is more comfortable).   This is why I use the M90 at work – for long listening sessions (a day in the office) the Mikros is the better headphone.


Have you heard the Beyer T51P's? During a moment of weakness, I ordered a pair. They can be had for $176 at ncix.com right now.


I always lusted after the DT1350's, but never bit due to comfort concerns. After reading Macedonian's review and ongoing hype of the T51P, and then reading this review and this video, I buckled.


I think they look really good, and I'm pretty sure they are going to be quite comfortable. Here's hoping that they at least match up to the Mikros 90's in the SQ department!

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Newegg.com lists 89.99..


BUT I swear god few hours ago there was 59.99 ... i almost bought my second pair... too late

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