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Well, they sound slightly better now, but I can still hear that lower treble peak. To be honest, I haven't given them much ear time...probably because they're uncomfortable.

They sound good though. I'm trying my best to adjust right now. The mids are great, it's just that god damn lower treble. Must be that I'm used to headphones recessing that region. It's similar to the treble peak problem I had with Grados, though this one seems a little different.
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Originally Posted by pro1137 View Post

iPhone 4S and iPod Touch gen 3. cMoy BB V2.03, but I don't notice a difference between amped and unamped.

how are they compared to the phiaton ms430?

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I'd throw a MA900 comparison out there but I'm not sure if that'd be fair. Although you have compared them to the he-6.
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Originally Posted by Trunks159 View Post

I'd throw a MA900 comparison out there but I'm not sure if that'd be fair. Although you have compared them to the he-6.

Go for it, at least we'll know the guage of these headphones.

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Did I say these are dark? Lol. That's about as far from the truth as you can get.
200 hours is a long time!

The main song I here the fatiguing treble in is It's Art by Psy. One of my favorite songs too.

I'm defintely biased because presentation is the most valuable quality to me regarding headphones. These do well technically. The speed is there, the treble is great, mids are great, bass is great, it's just the presentation: a mixture of soundstage, comfort, and tuning holding it back for me. The MA900...well, that's another story.
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Ok I'm starting to get used to it.
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Originally Posted by vlenbo View Post

how are they compared to the phiaton ms430?

Yes, the Fusion.. I can certainly say that I prefer the signature of the Fusion much more over these, even if they really aren't too different. The fusion does sound a bit more clean with bassy music. But they definitely lack the depth that the Mikros 90 has, even though the Fusion's soundstage is amazing as it is.

To me, the Fusion is much more versatile than these. It excels in all genres, while these seem to excel in less modern genres due to the lower treble spike. The Mikros is massively better than the Fusion for traditional genres like rock and jazz. Everything does sound amazingly lifelike.

Build also goes to the Fusion. No doubt. Same with styling IMO.
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Originally Posted by Trunks159 View Post

Ok I'm starting to get used to it.


Ha...this headphone improves so much with time.   I'm glad you are beginning to like them.  Even if they never become your favorite pair, you have to admit they are very good.   And when you consider the price you paid...:eek:

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For anyone having fit issues, the metal headband inside is very bendable, and can be more closely shaped to fit your head. Try and get the bend so you get as much contact from the pad as possible. Unless your skull is basketball shaped the ML's will require some adjusting. Mine sit and stay where I put them now, the clamping isn't an issue and they just seem to sit in the right spot without much fuss at all. I emailed ML about bending the headband, this was posted earlier if you missed it.


Scott Gribble , a service technician at martin Logan replied      "Yes, it is possible to “bend” the head band, it is pretty sturdy and it is intended to do this. Some of the guys around here who have these have done the same thing with good results."


Glad to hear you "new" guys are starting to hear the ML's break in and improve, I feel pretty lucky to have 3 pairs, someday when I meet that perfect lady I'll hook her up, hehe, JK . Ill never part with them...  Cheers everyone !


Nice to see this forum picking up some interest and momentum, very sad that the Mikros 90 is discontinued, but on the bright side I'm hoping an even better, more comfortable version is in the works. It's pretty obvious to the few of us, that they have stumbled.... or just engineered an incredible achievement that has gone almost UN-noticed, which has to be a bit heartbreaking to the ML's team. So these wonderful genes can be passed down and a legacy is started.


I guess it goes without saying, I'm rocking out to U2 Joshua Tree ATM, and loving it.


Get those minimum 30 hours of burn in asap, keep them going 24/7 for a solid week and you will be forever a part of the club !


Anyone else think it is a bit weird / strange that  Tyll hasn't listened to a set, unless I missed it, no mention at all ?

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Ya...I mean this IS Martin Logan, u hav a 3rd set to spare...lend him one tongue.gif
( your future mother in law can wait)
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It's really odd how people have such polarizing opinions about them... just don't make a whole lot of sense.


I certainly don't have 200 hours on them, not even close. But I love them to death! I rarely find another set that sounds like this, the same kind of instrument will sound different if recorded differently and that is tremendous in my book. It is, however, not how most of other "High-end" portables sound. Those sound more or less the same really, giving the recording a "signature" of their sound but they are hardly distinguishable sometimes, depend how boosted the midbass is or whatever. I say this because I had another session with P7, it just sounded like a brick comparing to mikros 90. I mean, a nice gold brick maybe, but still quite unnatural and a little bit harsh. It just sounded tiresomely "exciting".

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Mine came today.  Been using them with my S9 amped through a HiFiMan EF-2A as well as PC through the EF-2A's USB input.  


Impressions after a couple hours:


1.  Damn, these resolve everything.  Almost to the point of being a detriment.  My S9 has a bunch of crappy recordings on it (my dad decided to record his vinyl collection and did a terrible job), and they're ear-bleedingly unlistenable on the MLs.  My good FLACs sound fantastic though - excuse me while I go purge all these crap recordings from my collection and hide them somewhere my media programs can never find them.  It's a big change coming from the D2ks, which are amazingly forgiving.  On those, the crap recordings still sound like crap, but at least my ears don't bleed when I listen to them.  The GR07s are somewhere in between, but still not anywhere near as resolving as the MLs.


2.  Ow, my ears.  I have a small head, and the clamping force on these [i]still[/i] hurts after about 30 minutes.  Stretching has helped a bit, but my ears are pretty sore.  Other ergonomics (proper positioning) are a bit of a challenge, but I think I found a good placement after fiddling with them for a while.


3.  Sound signature.  Definitely more mid-centric than anything else I own.  This is not a bad thing - I love the way these do vocals.  Bass is present and has impact, but is definitely behind the mids.  Treble is a little more forward than I'd like, but it's not offensive.  I don't really like these for metal or punk - it tends to come out too harsh; I think this is the treble showing itself - but music with a vocal focus is fantastic.  Classical sounds good as well.

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The stock cable on the Mikros 90, while respectable, does not do these headphones justice IMHO.  A few of us are using the AudioQuest Pipeline ET-4 (you may have to shave/sand down the OD on the input plug barrel to get it to fit)  The Pipeline seems like a good affordable match with the MLs.  I am having a UP-OCC silver cable made and possibly a copper one, too, 


Last night I swapped out my driver tube in the Bada PH-12 amp from a Sylvania 6SN7GTB to the GE 6SN7GTA.  A really nice change, and the Mikros 90 faithfully conveyed the improved dynamics and punch that this tube brings to the mix. To me, the Mikros 90 are wonderfully balanced in their own right, and the GE tube makes the perfect "side man", since it really doesn't add any unique coloration of its own.  The GEs are great "utility" tubes, very even-keeled and good across the board.  I ended up listening to the entire Lee Ritenour "Festival" disc--AGAIN (must be the third time in as many weeks).  Also listened to Santana's remastered "Abraxas".  The very demanding bass tracks on this album were done the best I've heard so far with the Mikros 90.  We are talking about deep, tight, articulate bass response here, not flabby, over-emphasized midbass.

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I'd be interested if you come up with a cable that fits well.
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Round 3:
Had them playing all night, which was about 8 hours, and about 5 hours during the day. I have around 15 hours on them.

I don't sense the magical "burn in". They don't sound better they just sound better to me.

Finally took them on the train and they performed admirably, better than most closed cans.

Sound wise, the adjustment is difficult. Some songs they sound beautiful, and some I can't stand because of that treble and detail boost.

One thing that sounds great is the violin. With other cans, you just hear the tunes of the string. These reveal the percussion, the resonance, the weight driving the string. I'm not into the violin but it's interesting.

Side to side, these were definitely more detailed and much less forgiving than the FC300. The bass I think is a tiny bit boomy on the FC300, though only for some songs. It takes a few seconds to get used to.

The FC300 isn't as bright, but it is not dark in my book. The ML wins in mids. The FC300 wins in bass (I think due to the larger design) and soundstage, while the ML wins in detail, treble, timbre.

I need more ear time with both (about 25 hours on the FC300).
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