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Originally Posted by Beagle View Post


They have better clarity and dynamics than the HD800 and T1 I used to own. If only they were as comfy...

From my recollections of the T1--which I ultimately did not like (even though I so much wanted to like them)--I would have to agree with the Beagle here.  


Now get this: The Mikros 90 easily deliver deeper, better balanced, better integrated and better controlled bass than my HE-6.  In addition, tonally, the HE-6 sound threadbare compared with the MLs.  It isn't even close.  Talk about a jaw-dropper/mind-blower!


The bass composure on the Mikros 90 seems inflappable.  Last night I listened to several cuts from Lee Ritenour's "Festival" and "Wes Bound" (GRP).  I had never before heard the very demanding bass lines on these tracks resolved as completely and definitively as I did with the MLs.  And the Mikros 90 don't even seem to break a sweat in the process, but just stand by with apparently more low frequency reserves.

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Originally Posted by mochill View Post

Mind blowing transparency and details is what I'm hearing on open box and that bass texture is exactly like the monster gratitude.😲 no more headphones for me...just need the fiio x7 and bye bye headfi😃

After 50 hours, the good treble will be good treble with fine details. Smooth mid will become smooth and more body. Bass will be good after 100 hours. You will love this little, cheap headphones. :L3000:

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Originally Posted by mochill View Post

Now I'm more happy to here that they are better then the hd800 and Tesla t1😜😃


That is my experience, not everyone else's.


Originally Posted by elvergun View Post


I would not go that far.   They are very close though.


The HD800 and the T1 blow the Mikros out of the water where soundstage is concerned.


Yes, because the drivers sit further from the ear. But is that really true to the actual recorded "soundstage"? Larger headphones usually leave a larger sonic footprint but the imaging is probably the same.

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I should reiterate and clarify, too.  


The Mikros 90 are not the "perfect" headphones that do everything better, in every department, across-the-board, than every other headphones out there that I have tried.  But their particular synergy--in tandem with their exhaustive list of exceptional capabilities--is very, very special indeed.  Dang near "perfect" to my ears!  : )


For example, in terms of absolute resolution of low level detail or absolute size of the soundstage, the Mikros 90 (although remarkably adept in these respects) are not the HE-6's equal.  But it is all the other listening elements--some of which I definitely think the Mikros 90 DO do better and/or at least as well as the HE-6--in addition to low level resolution and soundstage (which, by the way, the Mikros 90 produce better than most other headphones I've heard except for the HE-6) and the way the MLs bring things together into a wonderful array/balance--both technically and musically--that make them extremely rare, singular and delightful to me.


I have been seriously in this game for about 12-15 years (nearly 20, if you count my "Berwin" and Sennheiser days), and I will say unequivocally at this point: if you were to put every set of headphones that I have ever owned or auditioned in front of me right now, paired with the sources/upstream gear that make them sound their best, I would reach for the Mikros 90.


I am convinced that, if the Head-Fi community and other ear/headphone users give this product a fair and honest listen under suitable conditions, the Mikros 90 will inevitably become, or at least have the potential to eventually emerge as, a true headphone "classic"--like the time-tested and user-attested HD6x0, DT880, K70x, PROx900, SR325i, SA5000, LCD x.x, HE-5LE/500/6, etc., but in the very top tier.  


And when you account for the fact that the Mikros 90 are portables, it makes ML's feat all-the-more remarkable.


These headphones should be "destined" for greatness.  And Martin Logan should get the recognition (and capture the market share) that their design talents, R&D aspirations and production efforts rightfully deserve.

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Market share seem not to be, as I understand these are being discontinued, thus the bargain basement prices. It does seem I read more Head-Fi contributers find these and like them all the time (I had pushed them some on the Discovery thread when they were first offered at discount last year).
I have the above mentioned Oppo in my sights at some point, wondering if anyone had recommendations on amps to drive these nicely (use a portable ALO National right now, usually out of my FIIO X#)
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That would be a real shame, verily an injustice, if Martin Logan actually does discontinue the Mikros 90.  And more of a real shame to those potential listeners who--many without even an audition--turned down the chance to hear the MLs due to a handful of intial negative comments derived, perhaps in large part, under poor conditions (e.g. incorrect earcup placement, competing ambient noise, sub-par source gear, insufficient break-in, etc.).


Ironically, KEF's M500 seem to have gained traction on Head-Fi.  Although they are of a respectable caliber, to me they fall at least an order of magnitude short of the Mikros 90.  Yet we see a popular market steered toward--what I consider--a notably inferior product.


This weekend I will be running the Mikros 90 with my hybrid Bada PH-12 headamp (which Fitz did such a great job of upgrading/improving).  Fitz, among the many other improvements, put in a crossfeed circuit that I almost always use at low level.  I brought two upscale Russian 6H8C tubes and a Sylvania 6SN7WGT back from my apartment to try on the Bada at home.  For the Mikros 90, I would probably get a good SS amp as well, just to revel in the vast potentialiality of the MLs.


I have not heard the Mikros 90 with my best source (EVS-modded SONY BDP-S780) and either the Bada hybrid or the KMF SS amp that I have on hand.  So far, my best source has been paired only with the headphone out of the Linn Intek to drive and evalute the MLs.  Even so, the Mikros 90 for the most part bettered my HE-6 which were being driven balanced, directly through the Intek's speaker outputs.  I have high expectations for the Mikros 90 in concert with the S780 and the Bada.  


At any rate, the MLs are what I would consider a "high octane" vehicle for sure. 


I would really like to try the Oppo BDP-105, too.  But if I were to buy the 105, I would almost certainly have Ric Schultz at EVS implement his full-scale mods to it.  Every player I have owned over the past 15-20 years has been one that Ric modded.  It's exponentiated bang-for-the-buck, IMHO.


Good Doctor, continue to ENJOY your Mikros 90!  I will continue to enjoy mine, perhaps indefinitely.



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Originally Posted by doctorjazz View Post

Market share seem not to be, as I understand these are being discontinued, thus the bargain basement prices.


I'm not so sure they are being discontinued.  The only place I've heard this rumor is in this thread...speculation brought about when they were heavily discounted a couple of months back.


I'll send Scott Gribble an email to see if he can shed some light.

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For what the Mikros 90 have to offer, ML's MSRP of $299.95 still makes them a rock-solid bargain.  I have spent up to five times that amount on other headphones that do not come close in most critical respects to what the Mikros 90 so effortlessly deliver.  

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By the time I get home mine will have 10hrs of burn in 😎
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It took about 200+ hours before I began to notice the bass filling out on the Mikros 90.  Initially, they sounded a bit lean and detached in the mid bass.  Now their bass seems virtually perfect, with a real, natural warmth and glow in the upper-mid- to mid-bass.  That bass is so, so coherent.  Ditto for the midrange--that open, clear, untrammeled midrange.  It, too has filled in/rounded out and is now sounding "just right".  Treble, too, sounds even more coherent, detailed and expressive.  Wow! is practically all that is left to say at this point.


The headphones have developed an immediacy, an arresting urgency, in the midrange that makes vocals sound incredible.  I listened to Hank Williams Junior's "A Country Boy Can Survive" (RCA) for about ten times in a row this morning.  The emotional delivery of the MLs on this track--you heard right, folks, Hank Williams, Jr.--was palpable.  


Am amping the MLs with the Fitz-improved Bada PH-12 (and three 6SN7 tubes).  Cannot wait to roll some tubes later on today and hear what the Mikros 90 have to offer!  

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Sound killer 😊
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If it can make MJ and seal sound awesome then I'll be in for a treat 😎...did you try the mikros70 by the way???
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No have not heard the Mikros 70 IEM, but many have reported satisfaction with the sound--which is said to be very similar to the Mikros 90.  There have been some complaints about the rubber tips not staying securely attached.

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Mikros 70 is a unique iem, but it sounds pretty dull in the treble even with a good fit.
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Originally Posted by Inks View Post

Mikros 70 is a unique iem, but it sounds pretty dull in the treble even with a good fit.


Thank you for letting us know.

The Mikros 90 are certainly not dull in the treble IMHO.  :smile_phones:

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