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Originally Posted by goldendarko View Post

That is one thick cable, looks almost as big as the amp.

The fabric shielding from SAA Endorphin look thick , but it is very smooth fabric and Sound quality is one of the best cable for LCD 3 on the market
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Experimenting with my "new" source. Thinking about modding to a 128gb CF card if I like the sound. First gen iPod Mini, never been used before today. Going to Rockbox it soon too.

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After wood mod, I switched the pleather to velour.  This is how the DT1350 should sound!  Glorious mids, airy highs and tight bass!

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great wood worker from davao ey!
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Nexus 5 Rooted running CyanogenMod 11 nightly

App: USB AudioPro - eXtream Software Development

DAC: Audioquest Dragonfly

Amp: Fanmusic  BL-2 Portable tube amp

Phones:AKG Q-701 W/ Silver homemade interconnect - Ream balanced connector - Via Blue 3.5mm


Sounds rather good I must say,....

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Originally Posted by seeteeyou View Post









Hi seeteeyou


How do I find more info about driving He-6 using Dacmini....?

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This morning my WM ZX 1 Sony lod with 3,5 mm jack are arrived from George Hong Kong

First of all I would like to say thank you very much to my best friend George for help me to buy this WM lod

Now I can use my Sony WM ZX 1 full digital with this WM Lod

Sound Quality is excellent compare to headphone out

More detail and cleaner sound , better separation and fuller sound like I use with hi res cable


Source : Sony WM ZX 1
Dac / Amp : Sony PHA 2
Iem : Fitear MH 335 DW with 000 cable

I am sorry I can not upload foto , my free 10 GB is finish biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by seeteeyou View Post

It's about time for ordering this ultimate cable and compare with SAA Endorphin


And then another SAA Endorphin for Abyss


You could also choose Silver Soldered Ends for SAA Endorphin and drive Abyss with DACmini PX plus Energizer portable battery





Thank you seeteeyou

I have energizer xp 8000 , I don't have Centrance dac mini biggrin.gif

I haven't tried Toxic cable , at the moment SAA Endorphin is my best custom cable for my LCD 3

Look very good toxic cable
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Even my 80 years old mother like Abyss 1266 very much biggrin.gif

Source : CD player Stello cda 500

Amp : T+A tube pre amp P 10.2 Germany


Headphone : Abyss 1266

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Thank you serteeyou
For expensive headphone I must hear first how is the sound quality
Can challenge Stax Sr 009 and Abyss 1266 or not ?
Abyss is heavy , but If we use the pressure on our head is not so heavy
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A friend requested I make an ultra-portable rig. So I did. 


Presenting, Panda-cus Supremecus. It's so heavy, it'll blow your ears away before the song even starts.












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You would have to be insane to say that rig isn't portable.
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Well, that's not the way to figure out how the X5 sounds.....

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