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Originally Posted by bcollier View Post

JH16s arrived today, so I took a quick phone pic of my (trans)portable and portable rigs:





iPod Classis 7g 160 / Agent18 Case, or Macbook Air at the office

Cypher Labs Solo - DB

Balanced ALO mini cable


JH16 w/ Moon Audio Silver Dragon IEM cable - balanced



iPod Nano 5g

Fiio LOD

HeadAmp Pico Slim

JH16 or Shure SE535 with standard cable


Still giving everything a good listen and formulating impressions -- but both are really, really awesome.

Awesome Rig! I am patiently waiting for my JH16's. Hopefully another couple of weeks. Congrats on a very nice setup.



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Uh... How much does that weigh?

Just about asking a similar question biggrin.gif looks really bulky...but looks like it got everything in it wink.gif
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Originally Posted by Brapp View Post

my cowon c2 and SRH750dj

i now own another pair of moded akg k518:-)




Fixed tongue.gif

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ONDA 8gb Dap with Westone UM1's..

This will play just about anything you throw at it :)

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This morning i spent my little time with this rig (ipod classic/govibe vulcan+/dt1350) + a cup of hot tea of course smily_headphones1.gif

Have a nice day folks !
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i might upgrade my Xmod to Recon3D usbevil_smiley.gif

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Originally Posted by longbowbbs View Post

Awesome Rig! I am patiently waiting for my JH16's. Hopefully another couple of weeks. Congrats on a very nice setup.




Awesome! I'm pretty sure you'll love them. JHAudio seem to be running about 25-30 business days from impressions received until shipping at the moment. The sound is epic / totally worth it.


It's an interesting comparison between the two portable amps I have, in particular. I think overall the ALO has what my personal preference calls the higher sound quality, and the balanced setup definitely seems to expand soundstage and add extra power to the bass. But the Pico Slim from Justin is one incredible / tiny piece of gear. Background is totally black to me (compared to some low but tolerable hiss on the RX MK3 balanced), and absolutely perfect channel balance, even at lower listening levels. It's amazing that something sounds so awesome, is so tiny, and has a 60 hour battery life. Hats off to the HeadAmp voodoo magic --- I look forward to eventually exploring their desktop offerings.


I can definitely see where some of the reviewers are coming from, taking the Pico Slim for IEM use even over impressive bits of tech like the ALO RX Mk3. Also, the fact that you can just stick the Slim in in your pocket with an iPod nano and a little LOD is awesome. The upside in sound quality to the fully balanced CLAS -DB and ALO RX Mk3 come at the expense of a big brick. Long plane flights or vacations --- no problem as long as you can spare the bit of room. But you aren't going to be walking the dog with that combo, unless you want a giant metal brick with you --- maybe in a hoodie front pocket :)


After spending time with both amp setups, I don't feel any need to flip one. In fact, I'm more likely to buy a Moon Audio balanced cable for my LCD-2s, plus an adapter from 4 pin balanced to ALO balanced ---- for transportable use with the RX Mk3 as well.

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So here's some photo's of my updated rig..


Fiio E17->Alo Rx II

Shure SE215->SE425 BTW I'm very glad I tried the larger sleeves, finally bass is something to be liked on these ;)





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Originally Posted by hoppenma View Post

So here's some photo's of my updated rig..

Fiio E17->Alo Rx II
Shure SE215->SE425 BTW I'm very glad I tried the larger sleeves, finally bass is something to be liked on these wink.gif

Nice pics of a nice rig.
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was just enjoying the day with d5k ,I just picked up to use with M8 via the balanced output

Hp-p 1> touch 4th> adapters> d5k> MOG> happy camper



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With the arrival of my 801 this week I have now reached the end of my portable/transportable journey! thirty three years and more $$ than I care to admit to rolleyes.gif later and here it is!

I started with waayy back in 1980 a with the first Sony Walkman. Over the years progressed through smaller and smaller versions of their cassette walkman then got their first Discman, from there their first MiniDisc player finally entering the MP3 age with one of their 2G players. From there I got the first gen Itouch then the present gen classic. Amps started at the beginning of this century with one of Roberts Sweet tin amps from Germany, then on the Gary's PAV2 then Jan Meier's remarkable Stepdance which was replaced by Ray's equally remarkable SR71-B. Headphones? To Paraphrase Francis Albert, I have a few, to few to mention.. But I will smily_headphones1.gif

My first headphones were the ones that came with the Walkman, I kept going with the headphones that came as standard until buying Sennheiser's famed HD414-3 which lasted me from 1983 until the end of the last century. Then came along AKG's K241, Grado SR60 then AKG K701 (regret so much selling that one!) Denon D5000 and thus onto my LCD2 Rev1's

In ears, oh so many but briefly all the ones that came with the players, Denon's, Ultimate Ears triple.fi10, and all the ones presently in my sig.

And so, now to the end of the road, what you see in the picture below. This is, by far everything I ever wanted from a portable/transportable set up. I had clear goals in mind and now have achieved (finally!) the sound I have longed for since hearing the Sennheiser Orpheus set up at Bristol HiFi show back in the 90's though I feel this actually exceeds that in many ways!

So ladys and gentlemen I present in the amp section ( I feel like the announcer on tubular bells!) the Analog Squared Paper TU-05 SET class A tube amp, source, the HiFiMan HM801(snagged one of the few remaining new ones this week!) and for headphones Final Audio Design's sublime Piano Forte IX horn loaded earphones.

Files are either wav ripped from CD or 24/96

And so there it is. I would have never known all thirty odd years ago at college happily listening to cassettes of Depeche Mode, Dexy's midnight Runners, Mahler, Handel or Miles (I had just as an eclectic taste back then as I do now!) that I would end up with what I have now, certainly the player would have been inconceivable back then but to think this child of the solid state generation would be venerating and enjoying a "luddite" tube amp ( and a SET at that!) or listening through horn loaded transducers.. Well, I guess life does actually bring experience!
Sorry for the long ramble but this really does now feel like the end of the road in terms of portable. Now a move back to Europe and a home/speaker based system to look forward to building, just hope it does not take as long...

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Great Post!

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Is that a "Analog Squared Paper TU-05 SET class A tube amp" in your pocket or are you just happy to see me beyersmile.png

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^^ Ianmedium 

very nice combo .

why you choose hm 801 as your source for TU 5 ?

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Thanks guys!

Rudi, It was a couple of reasons, firstly when I found out that fang had "voiced" this player on one of my favourite all time CD players, a Meridian, that really got me going (BTW he did a great job on that!) and then also I just have this feeling that in years to come many folks will have spent a great deal of money on "better" players only to come back to this one, listen to it and realize that it is far more musical and far more about what high quality sound and music reproduction is meant to be about. This player is a true first and I truly feel people will realize more and more what a great sounding player this is long after the event.

I came to it with trepidation, hearing all the stories of compatibility issues with cards, useless UI and such but all my cards work perfectly and within twenty minutes I find the UI to be far more intuitive and easy to use than any of the fancy ones on my "I" products. I never needed art work and the touch interface as always been an issue with me (I am older and much prefer buttons to screens)

As for sound quality, well, I thought it would be equal or a bit better than my CLAS but I was not prepared for the not insubstantial increase in musicality and detail retrieval that the 801 brings to the table, very happy with the purchase and now that SD cards are so cheap I can load my entire library onto several genre specific cards and enjoy.

I was a big advocate of the 160g capacity of the classic but am realizing now it hampered my musical enjoyment as I could roam around all the album choices where as this I just have a few and am finding I am listening to whole albums a great deal more!
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