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I am currently visiting Singapore and today I had a chance to visit Jaben at The Adelphi. Got there too early on Sunday and only found out the store opens at 2pm on Sunday's so I had to kill some time. This was my 3rd time this year in Singapore but this was the 1st time I visited Jaben.


Anyways, the staff at Jaben seem to be very friendly. I was planing to try some iem's but then saw a senior staff trying very hard to pull out a LPG from a case. After he complained about the design for the case and finally pulled it out, I asked him if I could try it and he gladly let me. First I encountered was the volume control and the staff had to reboot it to be able to adjust the volume. Let me just say the volume control was not impressive. By the way I used my own EX1000 for testing the player, and the LPG has some trouble to push up the volume. 


The size of the LPG is small and I hold it comfortably in my hand. But my feel of workman ship and material are not on par with its price tag, especially with those buttons. I listened for about 20 mins to some pop and classical music and never will I buy it regardless of its price. It's not my cup of tea. It seems to emphasize sub bass a lot. Some music sounds pretty good with seemingly a large sound stage from this boosted sub bass but some music sounds like fart with the boosted sub bass. The classical music didn't sound right due to treble. 


Anyways take my above impressions with a pinch of salt or worthless if you like LPG. I only listened to the available music for limited time, and perhaps my brain is too used to the capless sound, or maybe my EX1000 is not TOTL enough to maximize the potentials of this TOTL player. That said, I personally will take my capless setup over LPG any day due to its sound purity (separations and dynamics).


I also brought my own to Jaben for a shot of the two side by side.

Thanks for the quick impression, there is no TOTL DAP yet we have cheap DAC/AMP that put expensive DAP to shame. The Lotoo 500 is alot better value and future proof it has a Toslink connection so maybe 4 years from now idk maybe the Mojo 2 will be out