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Need quick help for pc speakers please

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I got the creative T6100's now. Im going to a very big store tommorow so i can look at some stuff smily_headphones1.gif thats why i prefer help quick smily_headphones1.gif

Im looking to upgrade to a new audio set for the pc since this set had its time.

I have my eyes on the

Harman Kardon Soundsticks II.

they have alot of good reviews exept for the wiring....but thats not really much of an issue since i wont be moving the units, once placed. Are they a good upgrade? i mainly want to upgrade because the woofer is crap of these creative's. and the other speakers are also not special, and one of them has its volume control broken so yeah i need a upgrade.

Im not looking at them for their appearance, but for their music/bass quality. Basicly the woofer on the set i have now can only punch bass....but i cant hear low bass middle bass deep bass.....just bass out of it.


If the harman's is crap, then please give me another recommendation for not more then 300 dollar.

Also, they have to be available in a dutch webshop or store.

Here are links to dutch webshops. please take a quick look. you dont need to understand dutch to understand ^^







Thanks guys! smily_headphones1.gif

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If bass is not your highest priority, then a pair of active monitors would do quite well.


     The mackie mr5mk2 is quite good for what it does, if not a little midbassy. You'll have some subbass, just not a lot of it, and there are ways to add a subwoofer easily.

The polk psw10 is a very good active subwoofer for the price,

and the complete package is about 340 bucks (260 euros) so it should come under budget and serve you well for a long time.

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purchased the soundsticks cause they showed up for 80 euro's closeby.

I loveeeeee the looks, but kinda dislike the sound. This is because the midrange is completly lacking.


I think i will buy the MM-1 from B&W some day when i have the money. Do they have alot of good midrange and bass?

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