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Looking for some feedback from those who own (or may have owned) one of these DACs.


I am using the Xciter in conjunction with Musical Fidelity V-Link to present a 24/96 signal to the Xciter from my laptop's USB port. I've noticed that when I turn the Xciter on with this configuration, the blue power LED does not light up. If I remove the MF from the chain and just route the USB cable from my laptop to the XCiter's USB input (bypassing the V-Link) - same power light.


But...if I remove the USB cable from the laptop before powering up the Xciter, the blue LED power light comes on and stays lit. Slap the USB cable back onto the power light again.


I could not find anything in the manual about the phenomena, and I'm not sure if I have a reason for concern or not. It still plays, just wondering if everything is truly working right.


Can anyone else elaborate on this?