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Oops. That's right^
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K70X/Q701 Should feat what Op is looking for , K702 was my main battle tank before and i used it for all my needs , music , movies , gaming etc . And i still use it for all , just now i switch it for AD2000 time to time depending on mood etc 



For Sennheiser i vote for HD600 . (HD598 could also be used but  HD600 is more neutral/flat to my hears).


AD900 is very easy to drive , but when i tryed it , i had nothing to compare so , can't say much about them , just they give me a very good impression of AD series (and why i finish with AD2000 at end) .


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Keep in mind with gaming you are not going to hear more detail with an open can most of the time because they allow ambient noise to trickle in.  This includes fan noise, outside traffic, and anything else that may distract your ears.  For gaming I always use a closed can.

If  your computer is noisy and you live in a noisy ambient , yeah closed should be better but if no noise problem i would go for an Open one .

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