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Colorfly C3 - Review

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Hello everyone. This is my first thread on here, been a member for about a week so, hope i do alright.


As a student (age 18) I like my music as I have a commute every morning. I have a samsung Galaxy S3 and wanted something a little more dedicated to play my music with.

I read up about the Colorfly C3 and became intrigued by the company and its massive C4 model, but couldn't quite afford that yet. So I decided to invest in their smaller cheaper option. 


Anyway, yesterday the fed ex man arrived with a package containing my C3 from AMP3. The first thing you will see is the presentation of the product. (this matters to me) From just seeing the box I knew this wouldn't be cheap tat. Upon fully opening the box and removing the C3 I noticed the solid feel of the device. This thing has some weight to it considering its size. Which for some is good. I feel I could drop this a few times and it would last up. (its build quality is comparable to iPhone 5) 


Powering on the C3 with a short hold of the only button it has and the capacitive touch buttons light up in a sequence and the words Colorfly C3 appear. I added various formats of music. And began to listen. The interface isn't too hard to use. yes the screen is small, but i could find anything I wanted quickly. Now something important I have noticed. When I play flac files on here they sound amazing. But when I play standard MP3, you can instantly see a difference. I know this is an obvious difference but on my phone you cant tell the difference. So I would recommend you start ripping your CD's in flac if you haven't already(assuming your reading this because you want one) The sound is very full and delivers a good level of bass depending on your music taste it seems to vary. There is no speaker on the device but i don't find it necessary 


I will be re-ripping my music in flac as once I heard the difference now I cannot ignore it. I have yet to try WAV files.

Battery life seems fairly average. But would have expected better since the player is so small yet heavy. Playing Flac on 75% I got around 9 hours so I would assume a charge every 3 days or so.

Sometimes I get play error! on screen which is confusing as the files do play after I re-select them. I suspect this is a firmware issue and hopefully Colorfly will rectify this.

My main reason for purchase was that I was trying the company, and will be buying the C4 early next year. And will be selling my C3 when that time comes. Anyone who wants a PM about this when it comes around message me and ill follow that up.


Overall I am happy with the player. It does what its supposed to very well and can forgive some quirky firmware as I know this will be sorted. Top audio from high end files and build quality is beyond any other MP3 player. (makes ipod touch feel a bit cheap)


(DONT BUY THIS, if your wanting an all singing all dancing device this plays music - Nothing else) but my I add, it does it very well.


thanks for reading, If theres anything else you want to know please post and ill do my best to answer.

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Nice write up dude.

I was really impressed with packaging, the black box / sleeve casing C3 arrives in really gives you a feeling of quality and presents well, also doubles as a nice storage unit, something I'll be keeping safe, then the weight is a bonus for me, doesn't feel cheap or tatty. I haven't had that play error you speak of though, I'm not sure what's causing that. I'm getting about 15 - 18 hours out of mine running FLAC at volume 24 /40 Hopefully your battery will condition itself over time as other members report similar figures. You're exactly right C3 is a music player and does a great job of it, if you want bells and whistles go buy a itunes card and apps till you're hearts content. I haven't tried running MP3's yet so that is something I may try soon..
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Thanks for your feedback, yes i hope the battery will condition over the next few weeks. I will contact colorfly for suggestions on my error issue. If not i wil return it for an exchange. As i do love this player.
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i had one, this's a good DAP tongue.gif

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Originally Posted by gt40 View Post

i had one, this's a good DAP tongue.gif

Would this sound better than my Samsung S3 & Apex Glacier combo?

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