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Originally Posted by seag33k View Post

I haven't heard the M80's but I just picked up the CALs and have to say I am very impressed for the money and comfort.  They are very light in comparison and smaller for more portable use.


The CAL is very good for the price and is a warm and pleasant headphone with very nice comfort. Lacks some bass impact even though it has slight elevated bass and is not the most refined sounding. Compared to the COP it has no isolation to speak of so for portable use you have to take this into account. Compared to the similarly priced JVC FXD70 it has no chance to compete sound wise either. FXD70 possesses much better resolution, clarity, imaging, coherency, balance, slam and realness with better bass, mids and highs. Just on another level of fidelity and refinement without sound boring and analytical. 

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Thought I would join today after reading all this. I bought these cans to add to my studio . I have 4 pairs of AKG and now 3 pairs of Beyer including 770s. I purchased at my local pro music store. Firstly yes all cans have to be broken in and lived with before reviewing. Secondly these cans are found in the studio section of their site not home listening. In fact if you listen to music for the pure pleasure of listening, honestly my fav would be my mixing ref model the K701 AKG. Spacious, open and real! The 770s and now these COP as everyone calls them, are best for tracking in the studio and will be excellent in my opinion. When you track you want closed not open so pgm music isn't feeding high end sensitive microphones, and the fact that I don't have to use console eq to add bass to a bass player or simply a vocalist or instrument player who wants more bass is brilliant! Switchable ports at the ear. Because people want less or more all the time. So to add my two cents. I think they have an excellent product here and may even buy some more to be honest. I would never reach for them to enjoy Chopin.
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Originally Posted by MichaelLaing View Post

I am using the m-80 cable.  The 3.5mm jack is thin so I have no problems fitting it into the headphones.  Some of my other cables won't fit though because the 3.5mm jack is too thck and the plug too recessed into the headphones with a bit of plastic sticking out which the beyer cable clamps onto.  So the big thing is finding the right size  3.5 jack,

Top v-moda cable

Bottom COP Cable, with clamp shown (and a bit beaten up due to removal several times, though it still works no problem)

M-80 cable in COP's
Hi! I noticed you have the velour ear for the COP. Which one was that for? I tried searching and didn't see COPs compatible. Was it easy to install and did it change the sound? Sorry, new here! Thanks!!
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They are probably the velour pads for the DT770. I tried the velour pads from my DT880 on my COP and the bass was gone and so was the seal. They became bass-less semi-open headphones

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Thanks Beagle. I really like the COPs but the lack of accessories (coiled cable, mic, customization) and lack of guidance on their site to see what is compatible as far as accessories is a turn off. The customer service/sales folks are very helpful though. I'll get the velours for the DT770 and hopefully doesn't change he sound in a bad way.
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There isn't as much isolation with the velour pads but they are much more comfortable and don't suffer as much heat build up.

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Really nice to read a headphone review that doesn't over criticize the tiniest imperfections as if they ruin the sound completely.  I'm thinking this might be my next pair of headphones.  Gotta find a place to go try them out.  Great review thanks for posting.

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How to these compare to the SRH 840?

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Do these cans come with the inter-changable accessories and stuff if you get them from the main website w/o any extra order or anything?

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After spending some time with these, I find the bass adjustment settings feature rather odd. It seems you have a choice of parts of the bass range, not a choice in level of the full bass range. That is, you can have the low bass, the midbass, or the mid/upper bass. But you can't have all three at the same time. You may as well have a DT770 and EQ it.

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I am considering getting a new pair of headphones just for sake of curiosity. I currently have a pair of AKG K240MKII. Would you guys recommend getting these to replace the AKGs? I use a Creative Titanium X-Fi card with the headphones. I like how COPs look and the microphone-cable seemed really good idea, wonder when that's coming available though.


Thanks in advance for help!


EDIT: Or maybe I should just get an amplifier card like Asus Xonar Essence STX for AKGs and be happy with that?

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MDR-R1 or COP? 

I can get the MDR-1R for 80 euros and COP for 190, huge price difference, is there also a huge sound quality difference?

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Thinking to buy these, can someone compare it to the DT660 or a Grado SR80i. I tested both and loved the SR80i sound, the DT660 was also good but it didn't had the looks. This one has the looks but does it have also the sound?

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Originally Posted by Ephraim View Post

Thinking to buy these, can someone compare it to the DT660 or a Grado SR80i. I tested both and loved the SR80i sound, the DT660 was also good but it didn't had the looks. This one has the looks but does it have also the sound?

I haven't tried the DT660 or Grado SR80i but but have listened to the DT770/880(own)/990 and also owned the COPs. If all you care is bass I think the AudioTechnicas ATH M50s are more fun to listen to. But is you are looking for a really nice neutral headphone, go for the DT880s. Remember that you listen to music through your ears not your eyes. 

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The DT880 is way above my budget, here in The Netherlands it costs approximately €210 (that is the cheapest, other stores go from €249 and above). The COP is €179 (max. of my budget)


I don't need the bass, I have a very diverse music taste but it doesn't involve much bass. You are right about the looks, so I can skip that criterium. A neutral headphone is indeed a must.


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