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Over-hype thread...

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There has been an explosion of dislike for the M50's on another thread that was irrelevant to the subject, so I'll take the liberty of starting a thread for head-fi'ers to express concerns of "over stated" headphones
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The ATH-M50 is a very misunderstood headphone.  As a starter headphone people find it dry and somewhat lifeless.  This is what getting into a neutral headphone feels like if one does not experience headphones with either a bass emphasis or a treble emphasis.  The ATH-M50 is a great headphone because the frequency response is pretty flat considering it can be found for around $150 or less.  They seal really well and are built like a tank unlike the Sennheiser HD-280 Pro which almost always breaks.


Most people who do not like the ATH-M50 have not heard enough headphones to really appreciate it for what it is.

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I've got to disagree here. M50 to me does not sound lifeless at all and it was my first headphone purchase (apart from some earbuds). It is very fun sounding with a good amount of quantity bass.

As for the overrated part, I am not sure. Yes it has downsides to it (sibilance etc) but for it's price, I'm not afraid suggest it for someone who wants to start their expensive headphone journey biggrin.gif

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