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HI All,


RMAF/CanJam in Denver was a lot of fun. It was great to meet many new Head-Fi folks!


Now that we are back and finally settled back in, we would like to announce some products that are here and ready to ship and others that will be coming soon.


First, we have the Cypher Labs Algorythm Solo -dB in stock and ready to ship. This is a great product and one that we highly recommend!



Available for shipping on Monday 11/29 is the new MicroMage MyDac! At $369 this is a great product and a real deal!



The Apex Glacier is in stock and shipping! Our own portable headphone amp that is as slim as it gets! Get yours now!



The Burson Conductor is an all in one beauty! These will be shipping out early next week. Order yours now to reserve one of the Conductors that are coming in!





Coming soon... a new phono stage from Sutherland Engineering - the Instight. It will sell for $1400 and be on our website very soon. Also coming soon - the new Fostex TH600 headphone! This was at RMAF and it sounded very good. CEntrance will be shipping the new M8 in December and we have our order in for them . Reserve one with us now and get this great new product as soon as they are available. Also coming soo is the Algorythm Solo -R. We expect ot have them in 3 weeks!


Lots of great new products are hitting the market and you will find them all at!



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