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IEM Headphone Advice

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Hi All.  Had a good look round but thought it would be better to start my own thread and see what responses I get.


Current using using my portable media via my Nano Ipod while at the Gym and my Samsung Galaxy S2 while getting from A to B, usually walking or on the bus or sitting at my desk at work.


I was using Sennheiser IE6 Headphones for this for the past year & upgraded to ear buds with the memory foam ones to isolate a bit more noise and make it a bit more comfortable.  Recently had to send these back as one of the ear's stopped working & as there within the warranty period I got the money back for them.


So now you have the back story I was thinking of putting a bit more cash to get some really decent ones & buy an extended warranty to make sure I can replace them if they fail on me also, so looking in the £100-£140 price range.  Was looking at the Bang and Olufsen C5's (which is pushing the budget a bit!) but seems you guys don't like these.  I basically need a headphone that's versatile all round and made for everything.  I need it to be able to stay in comfortably while working out with weights, running and generally moving about, while also having a good quality sound and can be worn day to day.


Any suggestions?


Let me know if you want any more info on my needs.

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Oh yea & types of music I listen to, bass heavy usually, DnB, Dub step, Rnb etc the usual....

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If you want something fun and bassy, you could consider the Shure SE 215. Bit under budget at £79 though.

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Been doing a bit of research and what's peoples thoughts on the SE 215 vs the SE 315?  Doesn't seem to be too much but I will also be listening to these for about 2-3 hours a day so want to know I've made the right choice before committing but £50 more does seem like quite a heafty price tag to no upgrade?

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Inner Fidelity do a great group review of the shure SE range


Figured the 215s would be better for you as they have much better bass than the the 315s.

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