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I'm currently using Alessandro MS-1 headphones plugged directly into the output from my computer's onboard sound card (a generic Intel thing). I listen mostly to metal and only on the headphones. I was thinking that I should try a DAC to improve the output from the computer, but I assume I should spend less on it than I did on the headphones, which means no more than 100$ or so. These are the good cheap DAC options I've noticed:

DAC Destroyer
HifiMeDiy Sabre ES9023
Stoner Acoustics UD100
SMSL SD-1955
Musiland Monitor 01 or 02, but that's out since I need it to work with Linux

And these for DACs with built in amps:

Fiio E7
Fiio E17

Am I correct in thinking that for the MS-1s I don't need an amp, or should I be looking at the combos or a DAC plus separate amp? Any other advice?