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I apologize if this is a FAQ; honestly I did search for a while....


I would like to learn more about basic acoustics of earmolds, and the effects of adding dampers and ports.  I have tried some basic experiments with knowles dampers and drilling ports, but I really don't know what I'm doing.


My specific issue today is a custom silicone earmold for my bluetooth headset.  The headset was not designed to have such a tight acoustic seal, and so it is both loud and a bit bass heavy (basic occlusion effect).  I have drilled a small port, which helps with the exaggerated  bass effect, and have added a knowles damper, which brought down the volume.  But I am basically just stabbing in the dark, trial by error.  A bit more knowledge would be very helpful.


More generally, I have custom silicone earmolds for a few different IEM I own, and, if I become more knowledgeable, may try to tweak them.


So can anyone help?  I am an electrical engineer and knowledgeable about basic sound and acoustics.  But would rather avoid solving differential equations, if it can be avoided :-)