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computer speaker ideas?

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hey guys im trying to get into the computer speaker game. i have been looking at a couple options for a setup in the 100 dollar range or below. im not looking for anything to high end but im tired of listening to music through my laptop speakers. if you guys can chime in on speakers i have been looking at or if you know of some better speakers id love to hear your opinions. My source is my laptop and my music is in 320 kbps and some flac



m-audio av40



sony ss-b1000



dayton audio b562



cyber acoustics 


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Chances are your laptop comes with a very low priced DAC (Digital to Analog Converter), so adding an external USB (or optical) DAC should improve the audio quality of whatever speakers you get.


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I have heard good things about those M-Audio speakers, but I haven't heard them. It looks like they are more than $100 though. I would think almost any external speakers would sound quite a bit better than your laptop speakers.

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With a $100 budget, I'd think about getting some headphones.  If I were going to buy speakers at that price, I'd take a look at the swan m-10s from the audio insider.


Edit: you could also put this together for under $100: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13645_3-57439115-47/build-your-own-desktop-stereo-for-under-$70/


That might be your best bet at that price range.  

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Strange... The above link was not there when I posted it right here.

Oh well follow that link and pick up the gear at Amazon...


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Thanks for all the help guys. ill take this into consideration

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