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Intro- Just bought my first cans!

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Hey, my name is Aaron and I joined a couple days ago. I listen to a variety of music including rock, blues, and country.  I had been lurking for a month or so and looking at headphones for my taste.  My research on hear led me towards Grados and Alessandro headphones.


I just won an auction on Ebay for my first decent set of headphones.


I won a pair of used Alessandro MS1's for $65 shipped!   Figured I would celebrate with a quick post.



Planning on pairing them with my Ipod Nano 4G, a FIIO Line out dock, and a FIIO E6.  :D

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Excellent 1st pair of headphones. In college my 1st real pair of headphones was a pair of Grado Labs sr-80's, which are very similar to the MS1 (and I still have them years later). Welcome to head-fi!

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I felt I got a pretty good deal too.  I'm really looking forward to getting them.  They'll probably be here sometime next week. Thank you for the welcome.


Found a package deal for a FIIO LOD and amp on amazon for $30 so will probably go for that deal.  My ipod's headphone dock is a little flaky with some cords, and I'd like to get the full effect of the allesandros.

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I would normally give you the traditional Head-Fi welcome ("Welcome to Head-Fi, and sorry about your wallet!"), but your profile name and that fantastic deal you got on that MS1 seem to indicate that, at least for the time being, your wallet is still on life support.


That will soon change. biggrin.gif

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Was waiting for that!


I'm trying to build up a decent system without killing my funds. But deals like that are not so common.  I will probably have to spend a decent amount on some things. I keep looking for deals, planning my purchases, and trying to get the most value I can. For now at least I won't go all out so hopefully my wallet will remain on life support for a bit longer.  Sadly not much on craiglist in Indiana.


If I do buy the amazon deal my setup will be:


Used Ipod Nano 4g Chromatic Orange -  $25 (bought broken and repaired six months ago)

Fiio Line out dock and E6 Amp Combo - $30 (new from amazon)

Used Allessandro MS1s with quarter mods-  $65 (shipped from ebay)

Total: $120


Which is pretty cheap, for the value. :D  Hopefully I will enjoy it like that for a while before I try my hand at DIY cables or get upgrade-itis.

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