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For Sale: FS: Various OE and IE pairs

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For Sale:
FS: Various OE and IE pairs

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hey guys. My wife has lost her job and we're in financial crunch mode which means it's time to sell some toys. Everything listed here I am the original owner of, and unless noted have all the original accessories.


DT880 600 OHM - $200 SOLD

ATH-M50 - $90 SOLD

Etymotic ER-4S - $150 SOLD

Hifiman RE0 - $50 (note: will include all sizes of Monster SuperTips as that is all I have for them as well as a Shure case, and I'm not sure if I have the packaging)


All prices are USD and do not include shipping. I'll try to get pictures posted this evening and get shipping prices.



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my zip is 97756. I might have reached my max PM for the day.

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If I had the cash I would snag those Etys up. Sorry about the job loss, hope everything goes well :)

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Interested in the ER-4s, PM sent.

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