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iPhone 5 Equalizer Apps in App Store

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Hi Gang,


I'm completely new to all of this, but I'm a sharp tack and am fast picking up the basics.


I am currently using inferior earpods that come with my iPhone 5 or Diddy Beats by Monster... Within the next few weeks I'll be using the Sennheiser HD25-1 II... I listen to a wide combination of EVERYTHING except Rap, Hip Hop, and Country... This includes classical, classic rock, rock and roll, pop, a lot of Jazz... 


My question is what App in the iPhone App store do you recommend and why... 


I'm just right now in the past week learning about what it means to "Equalize" and it's actually quite fascinating... I appreciate any comments or suggestions:)


Thanks so much to you all your forum here is absolutely wonderful!!!



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Hi mate,

I'm using my iPhone 4S with DENON apps which gives me customizable Graphical Equalizer 10 bands.


I have also download GoldenEars Accudio just to play FLAC files and also simulates some other headphone/IEM sound signature.


hope that helps

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Free music download pro has a 10 band equalizer and adustable preamp with savable presets.

Whether or not you actually buy or download music for free, I like it better than the regular music app because of the equalizer, folders, and the ability to change the file descriptions.

It's on sale now for $1.
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There are a few of them and it mostly comes down to what sort of UI you prefer. My choice is EQu which lets you drag a parametric curve around as you like but some prefer a more traditional interface. In any event they all are a huge improvement over the built-in equalizer (which doesn't even allow custom settings.)

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FLAC player has a built in equalizer. And also plays FLAC. the developer is also a member here If i remember correctly. 

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There's also one that's called Equalizer. 

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I have both EQu and equalizer. I much prefer EQu, but equalizer has the option for keyboard inputs for precision tuning. EQu is much easier and intuitive to use IMO.

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Are these global equalizers or is it possible to apply them track by track?

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they are a audio player app themselves that use the iPod library.
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Denon Audio app is free and a good entry app.


EQu is easy to use, about the same as Denon too.

Equalizer is more advanced with its various settings.


Sonicmaxpro BBE brings the signature cowon EQ sound to Apple devices.


Flacplayer app for FLAC, gain and EQ options.


Also for FLAC on idevices ....but untried by myself equalizerPro and Golden ear apps.


Theres a few others but these are some of the most popular.

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Itunes allows you to do a Get Info and eq a track individually. Do these do that too? Or is the correction applied to everything you play?
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Originally Posted by bigshot View Post

Itunes allows you to do a Get Info and eq a track individually. Do these do that too? Or is the correction applied to everything you play?

itunes doesnt transfer the eq settings to the ipod though.


this is an eq for every song i think, not individual tracks, download the free denon audio app and have a try.

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I think the EQ in itunes only holds if you set them to a particular song. That being said, I believe you can just set the EQ you want to every song, but I havn't tried it myself. EQu has the fancy visuals and that's part of the fun.

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Got Accudio today.  I have owned equ and equalizer since they came out.  Equalizer was always my faveorite.


Accudio blows them both out of water.  Its a really incredible app.   Aside from the fact that it is designed exctremely well, and never crashes, its ability to bring headphones to true neutral is ASTOUNDING.


i am a bit of a neutrality nut, and have spent months/years chasing neutrality on whatever headphonnes i've owned.   I have had my westone es-5 customs dialed into pretty darn close to neutral for a long time but always though it could probably be done better by someone who actually knew what they were doing or had good equipment...   well actually i thought it may never be done because who the heck has the ability to do this except a very select few, and especially on customs!?!?!??!   Wel i have to say they NAILED IT!  its actually similar to my eq curve (pats self on back biggrin.gif)   but i am not ashamed to say this app has one upped me and my es-5's have never sounded better.

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Can you save the EQ settings to a specific music file, or is it a global correction?

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