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For Sale:
FS: Museatex Idat-44 Mobile with latest upgrades from John Wright AND Blackgates

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my Museatex Idat-44m. It's a very special DAC, as it's a version of the Idat-44 made for car audio. It runs on a 12V in order to allow the use of a car battery, which is one of the cleanest power sources available.
The Idat44m uses two stereo DAC's but has been made with single ended outputs in order to draw less current and work at its best with batteries.

Using a battery, compared to a regular power sources, provides the complete black background (even turning my KGSS-A amp's volume pot at maximum), thus improving the overall SNR, microdetails rendition and keeping the clock less disturbed. Dynamics are huge, as well as deep bass hits.
John Wright, the man behind Museatex, uses an upgraded Idat44m for himself as well, as it's the dac that gives him the best balance between detail and analogue sound.
This Idat-44m uses the latest upgrades up to this day, but unlike most Museatex units upgraded after 2009 (when Blackgate capacitors went out of production), for this one I had expressedly asked John to search for Blackgates and use them, so to have the best possible modded unit.
John himself agrees that this merges the best of two worlds, since part of the Museatex magic was coming from the midrange produced by the Blackgates, while the latest upgrades, were aiming to make the signal path as shord as possible for improved precision. This DAC is the closest to vinyl I have yet come to listen, conveys music as a continuum to the listener and keeps you hooked.
Obvious disadvantages are that it doesn't have a usb input, and that it only plays 16bit/44.1 kHz music. Still, I have never heard anything playing low-resolution files as good as it.
Selling it, because I found the Metrum Hex to offer a great compromise between naturalness (albeit not quite as analogue souding as the Idat-44m), and overcoming the mentioned shortcomings. Asking 1050 Euros shipped worldwide.
Thanks for looking

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