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Woo Audio

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I guess this is the right section for this....


Anyways, I'm new to the Hi-Fi scene, however I'm not new to purchasing items over the internet.

Last couple of days I've been purchasing my first setup, Pro 900's, Fiio e17 and a sexy stand from Woo Audio.


My question is, who has dealt with them? Reason being that when I bought the stand, I never received an order confirmation from them

which is pretty common practice. Is this normal for them? I sent them an email about it today, but due to time differences, I wont get

a reply for a little while yet.


What's the go?

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All good. Just heard from them.


They're out of stock.... Wasn't mentioned on the site either... Oh well. I'm sure they'll be worth the wait.

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Woo audio is known as a very reliable brand. I am sure they have everything under control.


You should have no worries when dealing with them.

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