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Ideal Headphone Selection Help Please

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Hi, I'm looking for a pair of good headphones under $50.

I'm looking for something with...

  • Good clear sound
  • Some bass
  • Perhaps a microphone


I'll be using it to listen to music (Examples below), maybe play Modern Warfare 3, and watch the occasional Netflix movie. I know I'm asking a bit much but this is my first time purchasing decent headphones and it's all new to me. I was originally going to buy a pair of Monoprice 8323s but I then thought it wouldn't fit all my needs so I'm coming here for a second opinion.


 I listen to music such as

  • Drake - Over
  • Karmin - Hello
  • 2 Chainz Ft. Drake - No Lie


Thank you very much. I know this community is full of kind and intelligent people that never fail to deliver the highest of recommendations.



Edit: Basically I want some 8323s or something better if there is such a thing with maybe, just maybe a microphone. Something built for listening to Hip Hop/Dance/Rap music as well as watching Netflix.

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Anyone guys...? Guess I'll try that thread for threads like this deadhorse.gif

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Bump... Sorry I had to -_-

Nobody is replying on the thread that's for headphone suggestions. frown.gif
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Nobody's responding here to your under $50 criterion for a "good" set of headphones.  I assume that you're about a full sized over-the-ear headphone?


General consensus is the entry level for audiophile quality headphones is the Grado 60i.

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The Beyerdynamic DT 235 is by far the best sounding headphone I've heard for under $50. Its good for games and movies because it has a decently wide soundstage (again, much wider soundstage compared to anything else I've tried in that price range). The sound quality of the DT235 is worth several times its asking price. Almost every time I put them on I forget I'm not listening to my HD600s which is absolutely amazing for a $40 headphone. My advice-- don't settle for the sh*t that is most sub-$50 headphones.


Another good choice is the JVC S500.

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Oh, and I'd recommend the Zalman clip-on mic, its cheap and performs well and can be used with any headphones:



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