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Fiio E17 Repair

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I've had my Fiio E17 since April and use it mainly connected to my iPod touch through a Fiio L9 connector (i.e. on "Aux").


Now the AUX input is acting up -- I need to position the L9 connector just right to get sound, and even then, it's only through the left channel. I've tested with the in-box AUX connector, USB, etc. to make sure the problem is definitely with the AUX.


I feel I need to send the unit in for repair or replacement. I'm Germany-based at the moment and bought from a German Company Zeus Audio through Amazon Marketplace.


My question is this; should I contact Zeus Audio to do the repair/replacement or the officially listed Fiio distributor for Germany? I assume that I don't have to send the unit all the way to Fiio in China for repairs.


Any guidance about this would be appreciated.





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Hello jake!


I've had the exact same problem as what you're having.

The problem is the AUX on this one is held in position with really flimsy glue which tends to break, allowing the AUX to wobble a bit.

When it's not perfectly placed on the printplate the audio will cut off on one side.


It's really easy to fix yourself.

Just screw off the backplate (it's safe, don't worry) just make sure you use a screwdriver of the correct size because the screws are fragile and lose their grip really fast.


Once you've opened it up you'll notice a big white blob of glue on this AUX which most likely cracked. (like mine)




My advice is to scrape it all off and fix it properly using warm glue (or something better if you have it, glue worked for me)

Please do scrape it off because the first time I tried using superglue to fix the glue already there... went bad after 2 days)


It's easy to fix yourself so I wouldn't waste time sending it back for repairs.


Good Luck!

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Hey, big thanks, Amputate.


I'll give it a go myself and hopefully get it working again.



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