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Hi guys, this is my first post on here!


I'm new to vinyl and looking to get into it, I brought all my dads gear down from the attic yesterday! This is what I've got..


- Pioneer PL-112D

- Goodmans Module Ninety Amp

- Wharfdale Glendale XP2 Speakers

- Aiwa Pre and Power Amp

- Aiwa E80 3 way speaker system? (unsure of the proper name)










So that's what I've got and here are the reverse shots if that's of any use!









Basically I'm trying to figure out which amp is the best to use and which speakers to have. Then I have to look at replacing the belt drive as this is it's current state..




I'm not sure whether or not to change the cartridge and stylus, the stylus is Shure and I don't know what cartridge it is?




Here are some extra wires I found and the reverse views of the speakers (need to figure out how to connect everything up!)








Oh Yeah and hopefully outputting to my Grados!




As I'm completely new to all this I'm pretty clueless on how to set all this up, I'm guessing I need to


1.replace the belt drive.. any suggestions for type?


2. Connect the pre-amp to the turntable


3. Connect the amp to the pre-amp (will I need to get adapters and stuff?)


4. Connect the speakers to the amp or plug in my Grados and put a record on.


Any help or advice with this would be greatly appreciated!! I've downloaded the PL-112D manual and will start by reading that.


Thanks guys.