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Good IEM's for Under $100

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Right now I'm looking for a set of decent IEM's that I can wear everywhere.  The headphones I currently use is my V-Moda Crossfade LP paired with my Fiio E6.


I MOSTLY listen to Hip-Hop.  Occasionally I like to listen to Alternative Rock, Techno/Dubstep, and only SOME iTunes top 20.  I'm looking for something comfortable, have decent bass (not too overpowering), and a well-rounded soundstage for both the vocal and lyrical parts of hip-hop.  I'm kind of stumped when it comes IEM's.

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Ive had some issues as well when picking a headphone that would fit my needs (not exactly under $100, but that's always a plus). After reading hundreds of reviews from MANY brands, I decided to pick up some Nocs Ns400s (second gens) off amazon on sale for $80(normally $100). They have great reviews, have great sound, and great build quality.

If you would like, I can tell you how they are on Thursday(when they arrive).

I hope this helps!
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Yeah, that'd be great.  I just have the hardest time choosing a set of IEM's

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I almost forgot, I'm definitely looking for something with almost a punchy bass.

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Shure SE215
Sunrise Xcape IE
Both are superb for your music, very comfortable, great isolation)

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