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Is Razordog Deals authentic?

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Razordog Deals (http://www.razordogdeals.com/) presently seems to offer the lowest prices on several Sennheiser headphones, taking into account their $50 discount. For example, a NEW HD598 can be obtained for $200, which is $50 less than Amazon.


Is there anybody here who has done business with them and can vouch for their authenticity i.e. that they are not selling fake headphones, refurbished or used headphones as new, b-stock headphones as new, etc?

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They are an authorized Sennheiser dealer. No fakes, refurbs, or used headphones. All new in packaging.

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I think Sennheiser is excluded. http://www.razordogdeals.com/pages/who-is-razordog-the-alternative-to-woot

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contact razordog and say you're a head fi member and he should give you the discount

ive seen other members get it

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Bought  Senn. PC 360's from razor a while back, know many people that have bought from them, very smooth transactions totally legit.

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Also purchased from them, no issues, good service.

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Got my HD 650 for $400. $100 off with warranty. From Razordogdeals. New condition and decent speed shipping

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Bought my HD 598 from them.

Quality service, zero hassle and fast shipping.

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Looks like the Sennheiser HD 600's are not eligible? It's normally $399.95 and the instant rebate says any order over $399 :( 


I suppose I could spring for the 650's, is it worth the extra $100? 

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399.95 is a bigger number than 399!! wink.gif
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I've purchased from them twice in the past on Ebay. Also, they are local for me :) Both transactions went perfectly.

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Just bought a set of Sennheiser HD 650's from razordog. You can get the $100 discount on them, but I don't think they feel comfortable advertising it too broadly. (The default discount code may not currently work for you -- although it never hurt to try first!) Brian's a really nice guy, contact him and he'll make sure you're happy.

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Buy on their ebay store, you'll have better prices than on their website. They beat all existing competition so no need to watch elsewhere for Beyer, AKG, Senn....

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Razordog is a fantastic company with some of the best prices out there! Buy with absolute confidence!


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