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Under 50$ IEM's

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I have been an avid user of IEM's for about 2-3 years now. I've gone through some low-end Sennheisers as well as a few Meelectronics models, as well as some random locally found IEM's.

Now I'm interested in a pair of under 50$ IEM's which I can find on a site with international shipping. 

I am mostly interested in them having a sound best fitted for rock music( I'm not talking metal here, mostly classic rock) and maybe some electronic/jazz/classical but about 80% rock. I have some IEM's on my mind but I'd like to see your suggestions here.

Also I'd like to know if I'm using the IEM's mostly with a Sansa clip zip filled with Variable OGG's is it worth buying a headphone amp? Does it make any difference besides the volume?

Thank you.

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The Clip Zip don't have line out to feed the AMPs and sound won't improve much through HP jack but more volume and I will recommend the used RE0 from here(F/S forum). Because they sound much more detailed than other IEMs under $50 price range and they will match well for these music genres. Other IEMs like Sony EX310, JVC FX3X, Philips SHE9850 and JVC FXT90 are recommended.

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Thanks zarim, I'm looking into the RE0's now.

Anyone else?

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SoundMAGIC E10 would be my recommendation.
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The AKG Quincy Jones for $49 are amazing as long as you have a decent source, they will sound like garbage straight out of an IPOD but with any decent dac you'll have something plenty aggressive with good all around sound staging and bass to boot

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Originally Posted by H20Fidelity View Post

SoundMAGIC E10 would be my recommendation.

Agreed! Soundmagic e10 for your budget with decent sound quality on the below $50 price range.
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Currently The HiFiMan RE0's are on a clearance sale and cost $50

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