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I also think the HP100 is better suited to your taste than the HP200 as it's slightly warmer, the HP200 is fairly neutral with mids slightly forward. My HP200 review should be up next week.

I can also do the HP100 for $140 as your in the EU

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If you're going the Little Dot route, you should get the DAC_1, not the DAC_2. The DAC_2 is essentially a DAC_1 with a built-in solid-state headphone amp....


The combination of DAC_1, LD Mk. III and HD600s is very good. This is what I started out with, and am still using in my PC setup. However:


(i)  You should swap the driver tubes of the Mk. III to something decent, such as Mullard CV4010. This makes a huge difference (and the tubes are cheaply and readily available from a number of suppliers in the UK). The stock tubes that came with my unit were noisy and grainy.


(ii)  AFAIK, the DAC_1 doesn't support hi-res files via USB, only via SPDIF. This isn't necessarily a problem, as if you do want to go hi-res in the future, you can just add a USB to SPDIF adapter (e.g. Audio-gd or Hiface) and used the SPDIF input. On redbook files, the DAC sounds very good (I don't have any hi-res material at the present).


In my opinion, the HD600 is a better match than the HD650 (which may sound too dark and warm).


You may also want to try the new Matrix M-Stage DAC (with either M-Stage amp or LD Mk. III). I haven't heard this one yet, though.




Originally Posted by sijaka View Post

Saturday 19.10.2012 i bought a pair of bowers and wilkins IEM's, today i found this forum and have realised that for me to satisfy myself i need to upgrade from these IEM's to a more stationary setup with full-size earphones, amp and DAC.


i'm a student for the time beeing so i dont have a lot of money, but my budget will be around 1000USD (can stretch a little).


i'll use my PC (aser aspire 7745G) as source (audio output's: optical, 3,5mm minijack and HDMI).


i listen to lots of different music, but punk/metall, classic rock, and some dubstep is the most common.


as the opening states i'm completly new in this game, if i've understood this correctly all i need is a pair of headphones, amp and a DAC?


what will be a good set-up to start with?

my thougths were; phones: Sennheiser 650 HD, Amp: little dot MK III, DAC: Little Dot DAC II

is this a good set-up?

sugestions on changing any of these components?


the most anoying thing si that where i live (Tromsoe in norther Norway) is that there aint somewhere to test or listen to the different components, it's a smal towntongue.gif


P.S. because of where i live i can only shop in the internet stores with international shipping.



P.P.S. i dont know if the thread is plased in the wrong sub-forum, but i'll take my chanses in posting it herewink_face.gif

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Now Randomkid's HP100 cans are ordered, cant wait to test both them and the amp^^,


i found my fathers old Sennheiser 445 HD yesterday and wil be using them for reference, but i asume the HP100's will out class tem entierlytongue.gif

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Take a look at Asus Xonar Essence One [DAC, headphone amplifier and preamp]. Works great with Sennheiser HD 650/600, both of which I currently own. Should be within the constraints of your budget if you shop around or get second hand. Essence One also has the option of swappable opamps, so you can pick up cheap opamps on ebay and tweak the sound signature to your liking.


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And, what do you think of your new setup?
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hmm, maybe i will get one of those essence nextrolleyes.gif


William, i recived the amp today, but without the powersuply, which i ordered the same day from a dealer in norway (where i live) and the headphones i can't test it..


the fact that the powersuply havent arrived annoy's me bigtime...

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And what cans are you thinking of?
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i've bougth the HP100 for a start, have to wait to next month before i can buy something moretongue.gif

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hi, it's been a little over a week sice i recived both the cans and power suply for the amp, so i've had plenty of time to listen (probably around 100 hours).

i have to say i'm realy impressed with the setupdt880smile.png since i don't have anything to compare the cans with on a fair level i'll be comparing them to my B&W C5. The music does sound better in every possible way, excsept real bassy dubstep where the heawy bass in the C5 realy does deliver the kick.

during the proces of testing i found out i actualy enjoy classic music, i've just been limited by trashy sound untill nowredface.gif


about the amp.

I wont hessitate to recomend the O2+ODAC to anyone, as it makes a huge difference in soundquality compared to both the soundcard in my laptop and my stereo amp. with the hp100 cans.


i've actually been carrying the amp and cans with me to school everyday so that i can listen to flawless music while working, the impression i've gotten from this experience does make me concider buying another amp so that i can have one at school permanently.

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Glad to hear you're enjoying your gear! Remember to enjoy the music foremost and forget about the gear. Otherwise you'll spends thousands and thousands before you know it on expensive stuff you don't really need that barely makes a sound quality improvement!

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For a portable amp I highly recommend the JDS Labs C421 (AD8620) you even get free custom engraving when you order.

Or wait for the new Fiio E12
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