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For Sale: Corda 3Move Amp/DAC

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Corda 3Move Amp/DAC

Will Ship To: CONUS

Corda 3Move. I think its reputation speaks for itself. Plenty of info here on head-fi about it.


There are some small nicks on the back panel on the edge. They are only small dings. The front panel looks fantastic. There are a couple light scratches or marks on the case. I have these velcro dots on the bottom but they should remove and clean off just fine.


It comes with a short USB cable. Not sure if this is the original or not. Im also including a short mini to mini cable purchashed from Krispy Kables. Its nice but when I tried to make it do a 180 from my player to amp it started cutting out. I set it aside since then. I tried it this morning and it works great but just know it may need to be rebuilt and that it cant bend too much. I dont have a power supply for it. The one I did have was just a cheap radio shack one that worked great. No battery either.


Im the second owner of this amp.


Final Price Drop. $115 FIRM Shipped and Ill pay the paypal fee.

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This thing sounds great. Going to ebay pretty soon here.

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Sold to mabus627.


Closing thread.

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