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Buying cables

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I want to make a portable headphone cable for a pair of hdj 2000's that will roughly look like this cable





from what Ive been told in the forum it is a 22awg silver plated copper cable with teflon sleeve.


my question is where do i get this stuff? the cable is triple braided btw

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Mouser carries Teflon insulated silver plated copper wire from both Alpha and Belden. Belden's the less expensive of the two. Check out Mouser part number 566-83006-100-__ (replace __ with 01-10 depending on what color you want). It's 22 gauge with 19 x 34 stranding which makes it a bit more flexible than the 7 x 30 stranding. $53.24 for a 100 foot spool.



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ok this is good. I only wnt to make a 4 ft cable so are there any places that sell mabey 10 ft spools of this stuff. also where do i get the expandable sheething 

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I'm afraid I don't know who may be selling it in small quantities like that. As for the expandable sleeving, heatshrink.com has a pretty good selection.



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Of those you listed, this is identical to the one I suggested:




Any other place where i can get mabey a smaller spool of sleeving. 100 feet is exesive


Doesn't heatshrink.com sell the sleeving by the foot?



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ok cool thanks. and yeah sorry for the confusion. i think this is solved. thank you

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You're quite welcome.


Good luck!



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