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It seems that in Soundmagic website HP200 is absent now.  Any news about?

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I'm also wondering about the production status of the HP 200, there is no information about this headphone on Soundmagic's website?

Also it seem's impossible to contact anyone from Soundmagic themselves, they have yet to my email questions or answer the phone line in the last month. 

I recently purchased a pair from a private wholesaler, when i received them their was a channel imbalance problem relating to the left side having reduced output. I have read this a few times regarding the HP 200, could it really be due to pressure changes in flight or is their a manufacturing fault in the can's itself? 

I'm looking at buying a pair from a trusted wholesaler listed on Soundmagic's website. 

Any information that anyone else has about the status of  production of the HP 200 model would be greatly appreciated. :) 

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They're available on Amazon for $199.

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Isn't anyone getting HP200 for their Christmas? This one is a bargain for its performance. I bought this pair about 4 months ago at roughly $200 from local authorized seller. Few weeks ago the price went up to around $275 (converted from local currency). But pretty much sure still a top perfomer at its new price.

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