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For Sale:
several tubes for e.g. Little Dot 6N6P EF95 5654 EF96 EF91 6AM6 6AG5 6J3P

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I'm selling some tubes for e.g. Little Dot headphone amps. All are used but technical perfectly working. I would prefer selling them as a package. Bank transfer or Paypal payment (+3%) are possible. Location is Germany, please ask for prices of shipping seperately depending on where you come from.


2x 6N6P Powertubes
2x Tung Sol 5654W 6AK5W EF95
3x Lorenz 5654 EF95
2x Stock (Standard)
3x Haltron 6AG5 EF96
2x 6J3P-E EF96
2x Zaerix 6AM6 / CV138 EF92


2x 6J3P-EV
1x EAA91