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Aune T1 USB Tube DAC+ SS Amp Discussion Thread ***See first post for FAQ--Updated on 02/14/15*** - Page 62

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Originally Posted by Headphonus View Post

So is there no way of hooking this up to a turntable without a pre amp? I know they aren't terribly expensive but I am curious. Also how much better would a pair of 600 ohm k240's sound better out of this than the stereo amp I have currently (a pioneer vsx-4900s Old yet good)?

Answer to your first question: No. It isn't going to work.






Another question, what is a bright/analytical  or even grado'ish sounding tube?

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Almost all of the German NOS variants get characterized as bright. Telefunken, Siemens or Valvo 6922/CCa tubes especially. Read through Brent Jesse's descriptions to get some ideas.

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Try the JJ

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dcfis, how is the JJ with HD-681 compared with other tubes you have? 


I got my Philips PCC189 but can`t make comparing atm because I`m sick and ears are "locked". 

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I have only listened to the JJ so far as I just got the cans today and havent had time to do a comparison with the other tubes. So far the imaging is freat, the highs arent as rough as they are with the K702 and the JJ and there is HD650 meat and texture. Everything needs to burn in a bit and the other tubes need to be used so maybe the end of the weekend or next

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Don`t know how big soundstage JJ has but try 6922EH with HD-681 and you`ll get the picture how great imaging and soundstage HD-681 really has ;) Try with the first song: http://dloaw.bandcamp.com/album/the-secret-garden 

or this song: http://sonic.eleventigers.net/track/stableface


Highs aren`t harsh? Well, most ppl find HD-681 top end highs too harsh like many do with grados but it depends on person. My ears are very sensitive to high frequencies so, I must use mkII filter to tame them down little.

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Yes, I am now finding the treble energy a bit excessive but not as hard as the leading edge with the JJ and K702 though there is more treble energy with the 681. The mod might be a worthy addition

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coil, thanks for those cuts, I downloaded them both

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Hi, before I make my decision I was just wondering if the casing is plastic or metal, thank you! :)

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I believe it is painted aluminum, it actually looks pretty nice but seems to pick up scratches.

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Thank you for the reply. Is $150 CAD, shipping included a good price for this amp/what is the price that a used Aune T1 is going at? I've been trying to find a used one but have come up empty handed.

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yes it is a good price. I am in beijing and they sell me 120 USD for the one with 6922 EH tube

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I'm bidding on a telefunken tube right now smily_headphones1.gif
If I win that I have three tubes to compare.
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I ran across this DAC/Amp doing a google search for tube headphone amp dac combos. Had never heard of it before and did a search on it and came up with this thread. Been looking for a nice, low cost tube headphone amp but wanted the DAC as well to input from my PC.  Thanks to the comments on this thread, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on this.  Next up, I suppose, are some different tubes to try.

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Originally Posted by CoiL View Post

Naah, no problem, just wanted that for backup ;) Btw, I`m still not sure if it was the same amperex I have (single support leg dimple disc getter), because it was hard to see from picture. If it`s same then congrats, it should be very good and rare tube! ;)


I have just received the Amperex, the markings are mostly gone, but orange Amperex fonts, ECC88, Made in Holland. Single leg, round getter, no dimples. Not sure where this sits as Amperex varieties go, but I will give it a test run very shortly.


Later edit:

I have just finished a couple of comparison rounds of accross several music genres, from accoustic, electronic to rock and metal. Gear used: Aune T1 DAC, Vioelectric V200, Audeze LCD-2.


In the last week(s) or so, my Mullard ECC88/6DJ8/Holland turned out to be my de-facto choice so this is what I will compare with. To me it strikes the best balance out of the tubes I have for naturalness, impact, bass, mids and presentation (imaging, soundstage) for most of my music. In fact I haven't even touched any of the other tubes in one week.


In comparison this Amperex sounds a bit congested in presentation with a very narrow soundstage (everything's much closer to my head or closely left/right). And this is compared to the Mullard. :) Not impressed with the positioning and imaging. Very tight bass, the punch and extension however are lower compared to the Mullard, and there's a bit more treble presence. I will keep trying a few more genres, but whereas I know where I will be using the EH (for its larger soundstage), I am not sure where the Amperex fits at the moment.


Going back to the Mullard is like meeting an old pal for a few pints. Puts a smile on my face.

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