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Okay, so 2 things, one, I'm wanting the black T1 MK2, and I currently have a pristine silver MK1, and would be willing to trade + a bit of money + some tubes, hit me up if you're interested. Second, I am wanting to upgrade the capacitors and I keep seeing the ELNA Silmic II and the ELNA Cerafine, and supposedly the Silmic II is more tube-y or something and the Cerafine is faster with a bigger soundstage and sharper treble, I'm just curious on which one I should like if I am looking for some more bass OOMPH and tightness in my HE-400i and possibly wider soundstage. I just want to know how both of them affect the bass and then the soundstage as well. Also, the power caps everyone mentions, the Panasonic FR, are there any *better* alternatives or should I just get those?
Thanks a million!