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Aune T1 USB Tube DAC+ SS Amp Discussion Thread ***See first post for FAQ--Updated on 02/14/15*** - Page 346

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Posting this here since I gave this big ol response to mikoss and figure it was relevant:


Honesty I'm still teetering on the fence. On one hand, the T1 does sound, in total, better. Wider soundstage, just sounds cleaner, but still at the cost of some low end. The bass is still there, but it's not as strong, like someone set the bass down a little bit on an eq. On a whim, I did order a different tube since it was cheap, an Amperex ECC189. This tube, in comparison to the one it came with (6922EH Russian), was boomier and looser in the bass, but still weak on bass(just got done testing this one again and wouldn't say it's weak on bass anymore, but is more boomy).  The rest was similar but but just a bit more muted. It didn't sound bad, just the stock one sounded slightly better. I wanted to try a different tube, just to hear something different to see how much a tube affects things.

For headphones, I have an ATH-M50 as my best, also tried with Portapros(bassy) and some IEM Sennheiser CX300s(even more bassy). I am now wondering how much different headphones would play into getting what I want sound-wise. If the M50s had the bass punch of either of the others, then I think I'd be good with this setup.

Here's the other hand. Just wondering if I'm steering myself in the wrong direction since the T1 seems to take out some bass. Then with, IMO bass light M50s, it gets even further on the cool side than I'd prefer. If I knew that I could get a certain tube that woud bring out good bass, then it would be easier. Coil mentioned a couple tubes that would probably be great, but they're either not available or are very pricey just to gamble on. If I knew that woud get me what I'm after, then it would be easier, but how much f the sound signature comes from the tubes vs the T1 itself?

I realize the issue with the M50s vs another set of cans is a seperate issue, it just kind of complicates the decision process. On some songs, the M50s with the T1 and stock tube sound great as is. Then I'll do the same setup but switch to the Portapros, and realize there's still some tight thumpage being missed. Now of course, the Portapros are lacking the mids and highs of the M50s. So the M50 can sound really good, but I just want that plus the bass side that I know I'm missing out on.

So, I'm guessing I may need to find some headphones that will fill that bass gap. Or, decide all the expense of the T1 itself plus tube hunting isn't worth it. Make any sense?


I do want to say thanks for all the info you guys have provided.

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You're on a similar quest as most head-fiers: finding great sound with little investment. This hobby is a gamble, for the most part. Since, I assume, you have limited resources (money), you might want to start with what you have, and expand.


Either try one or two tubes for the T1. The 7308 or the Orange Globe seem to be a good bet. Or, go for another amp for the M50's. I'd put together $100 for the C&C BH2, since it's an all-around great buy.


Just one of many opinions.

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Who did you buy the Orange Globe from??

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Orange globes are all over ebay just buy from a trusted seller. 


Redline21 is seems more to me that you're wanting better headphones rather than needing a better DAC/AMP. I'm using Senn HD 650's with my Aune and it's beyond amazing quality wise. I mention this because the CX300's are a bit of a joke to compare the Aune against them and then blame the Aune , that's silly to me. I assume the ATH M50's are near HD 280 level in quality and that also isn't fair to the Aune. You can't blame the Aune for a headphone being crappy.


Also at the same time I said it before and I'll repeat it. The stock tube with this brings out NOTIHNG at all to me over what I've used for playback. Only after changing the tubes to Orange Globes did I understand the Aune is totally worth it. Is it perfect or the best DAC/AMP ever , course not, but for the $130 I paid for it. It blows my mind. Get to ebay fine a Orange Globe it can be had for $22-30 easy.


And maybe there is just a mismatch between Aune and your headphones. I own the CX300 don't judge anything by their low quality standard.

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Just got my T1, not much to try it with other than Sennheiser Momentum's. It sounded absolutely terrible with the cord with the inline mic, then I remembered some complaints about this cable too, possibly drawing more power than the normal cable. I switched it out and this sounds absolutely amazing!

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I owned the Momentum's and I think they'd pair well with the Aune stock tube, since it's bright a little and the Momentum's lean toward bass by quite a bit. It would balance them out I'd think and make them shine.


One thing I suggest since the Momentum's are so easy to drive if that's all you're using it with you should really make sure to lower the gain of the Aune to 0 instead of how it ships in +16 mode. Give that a listen might even make it better even still.

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Oh that was very helpful! I remember reading about the gain switches in this thread but didn't bother to check. Is it just me or are the switches on the left side harder to toggle...

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Originally Posted by mikoss View Post

Nice impressions; I felt the same way about the Russian tubes compared with the Amperex tubes I've heard. The Amperex 7308 PQ Holland date code delta 3E2 I'm rolling right now definitely has enough bass for my liking.


The orange globe I tried out was NOS from the '70s, a-frame, dimpled getter and date code delta 0J4. I also found the bass to be lacking compared with other tubes. CoiL recommended trying out some OG's with dimpled getters, so I bought these:




Waiting on them and I'll let you know how the bass compares with the other OG's and the 7308's I've tried. I presume with those readings they may not be 100% NOS, but we shall see.

can you teach me how you ebay so good? hehe

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roam in ebay often. Saved searches etc~

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Just wondering, how long do you guys keep the T1 on? Is it safe to leave it on all the time?

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@Redline21 You can also try outputting to another amp, I find the t1's internal amp thin and on the bright side, never had that issue when I output to an o2/vali/e17/darkvoice 336. Had similar issues when I used a magni tho.

@bobadrunkI tend to have mine on 8-9 hrs a day, 5 days a week. I have forgotten to turn it off before heading home a few times with 0 negative effects.
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Originally Posted by stjj89 View Post

Just did some brief comparisons of my Amperex 7308 White Label JAN, Voskhod 1978 Rocket Logo, and Russian 6H23N-EB on my new HE-560. The Amperex is definitely my favourite tube overall--best soundstage, clear extended highs, smooth mids and deep, impactful bass. The Rocket Logo had more bass impact and forward mids, but sacrificed too much soundstage for my liking. The 6H23N-EB was my least favorite tube out of these three as it sounded somewhat flat and only beat out the other two tubes in bass extension.

I'm tempted to try the Orange Globe with all this hype about it. However, the comment that SpiderNhan made about it lacking some bass concerns me, since I like having enough bass impact for some electronic music I listen to. Anyone have experience with both the Amperex 7308 and the Orange Globes?

I agree 100%, the 7308 is on my T1 almost all the time. The Voskhod was too forward with too narrow a soundstage for my taste although some swear by it. Another fine tube is the Siemans E88CC gold, but I like the 7308 a bit better. By the way, if you use a source that offers "driver" quality tubes you can save a good deal. They work fine in the T1 which is a tube buffer device. I got my 7308 for $50 USD driver grade. They listed $75 USD for the premium listing.
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Originally Posted by teb1013 View Post

By the way, if you use a source that offers "driver" quality tubes you can save a good deal. They work fine in the T1 which is a tube buffer device. I got my 7308 for $50 USD driver grade. They listed $75 USD for the premium listing.


Exactly what I did when getting my Amperex 7308 from Upscale Audio! 

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isn't it better to use preamp tubes?


also anyone have the complete list of supported tubes?

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Tube types that will work with Aune T1:
6DJ8, ECC88, 6922, E88CC, 7308, 6N23P, 6N27P, 6N11, 6N1P, 7DJ8, PCC88, ECC1896ES8
E188CC, ECC86, 6GM8, PCC189, 7ES8, Cca, CV2492, CV2493, CV10320, CV5231, CV5354, 
CV5358, M3624, CV4108, CV5331, CV5464, CV5472, CV8065, CV9838, CV10320, CV10403
6FW8, ECC85, 6AQ8, 6L12, B719,  6BQ7A, 6BZ7, 6BS8 6BK7, 6BQ7B, 6FQ76GC76KN8,
PCC859AQ8, 6BK7B,
6SN7569212AU75814A59636189W73167489773012AT7*, 6201*, 2C515670,
Pending tube types (need to be tested & confirmed): ECC180, 6BC8, 6BZ8, 8BQ7A 
CV tube types cross-reference: http://www.audiotubes.com/cv2000.htm
Chinese tubes cross-reference: http://www.audiotubes.com/chinese.htm
Vacuum tube pinout sheets (PDF): http://www.bustedgear.com/res_Tube_pinouts.pdf
Tubes marked in green are tube types that I personally (and some other users) have tried with Aune T1 and seem to work with no problems.
Tubes marked in blue are tube types that other users have tried with Aune T1 and seem to work with no problems (not tested by me).
Tubes marked in orange are tube types that have been tested by some users but some of them did not work, probably due to "too high" mA current
draw or may sound distorted due to underpowered 9V heater.
Tubes marked in red are tube types that require custom socket adapter to work. * means that it has too high gain and
volume output level should be reduced from PC control panel.
Tubes marked in pink are tube types that do not require socket adapter but these tubes use higher current draw and might not be safe to Aune T1 internal components but according to user lwrs10 can be used safely. I`m not responsible for damage that may occur. Use with your own responsibility!
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