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Originally Posted by iXpertMan View Post

What a wonderful piece of Chinese engineering! As it appears that this Aune T1 DAC/AMP is as good as the Schiit Magni & Modi (Combo), better than the Audioquest Dragonfly and hence, many, many more pieces of sophisticated equipment. Especially for such a modest price, it seems too good to be true. I just have a few questions on it.


1) I have a Mac, and many people see Macs as having quite good audio cards. Would there still be a big difference in the quality, I currently use a Macbook Pro (2010)?

2) I am thinking of using the analog output of the Aune to act as a DAC for a pair of speakers, perhaps the Audioengine A2s. Is it possible to use it as a DAC only system, without the amp. Or can the amp still be on, I am not sure how all this works exactly. Please explain.


Thank you. :)


The audio chips in the Macbook Pro are quite good although well built external DACs will typically be superior because extra care has been put into making something for a very specific purpose. In good faith I can't comment on that portion and I'm sure there are MANY threads here discussing the MBP audio out.

To answer differently, yes you will see a change in your audio quality. If not only because there's an amplifier driving your headphones now. Because the T1 is a "tube DAC" you'll be able to switch out tubes and thereby change many aspects of the audio coming out of the T1 to your liking.


I'm fairly sure you could hook the T1 up to your A2s through the headphone/amp out and be fine. However because the A2s are self amped you should likely use the Line Outs on the back of the T1 to run RCA cables to your A2s. This would be the best solution. You could still likely use the amplifier built into the T1 with headphones if you wanted to.

Do yourself a favor and buy at least Monoprice heavy gauge RCA cables. If you're feeling spendy, get pure silver or silver clad wiring.

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Originally Posted by audiofrog View Post

I just ordered my Aune T1!  The version includes the 6922.  


One thing that I hate about listening to mp3s through my computer (without a dac) is that they sound too digital.  Will the tube make it sound more analog- like listening to a record (without all the scratches?)  If so, any recommendations for listening to oldies like the Temptations, Ray Charles, or Fats Domino?


Lost that analog feeling


The problem is the source material that you're listening to. Garbage in, garbage out.

Your MP3s are likely highly compressed and it's going to be very easy to hear that compression with higher grade audio equipment. If you're already hearing compression distortion in your music, the T1 is only going to make it worse because it'll resolve details in the music better.

If you're going to use MP3s, use at least 320kpbs recordings.

People here typically like to use FLAC recordings although I've read some controversial claims that unless you're using several thousand dollars in equipment, most people wouldn't hear the difference between 320kpbs MP3s and FLAC recordings.

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Originally Posted by Case View Post

Speakers produce sound through the vibration of the cone so they vibrate. Why is your Aune vibrating? Are you operating it on top of a subwoofer or inside your car?


Just comparing something that seemed trivia in both cases that are substantial in their own way..


I was also actually referring to the microphonic phenomenon of tubes, not T1, which is what the damper is solely for, hahah...

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I can tap the tube with my nails and not hear anything through my cans. How microphonic is your tube?

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I have some tubes that are littlebit microphonic (sensitive to tapping) but will tube damper make bass tighter? Sorry, still think it`s bs.


edit: Btw, bought another tube - NOS NIB Siemens PCC189/7ES8, for 6.5€ :)

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General Aune T1 Info: 


joeq70's FAQ

Operation Explained

Technical Information / Product Description

User Manual

Gain Settings

Paspie's Unboxing


T1 Impressions & Comparisons:


Headfonia comparison (against Schiit Magni/Modi)

Impressions and Comparisons by RMac (against Schiit Magni/Modi & FiiO E17)

Impressions & Review by White Lotus

Review by Illbetheone

Impressions by diaBoliQu3

Impressions by BenWaB3


T1 Tube Types:


List of supported tube types by lwrs10


Useful Tube Links:


Tube types/descriptions by Brent Jessee Recording & Supply, Inc. 

Condensed version by Salvatore


Tube Reviews & Impressions:


Joe's Tube Lore

icecap's impressions

tomatolicious' impressions

Gr3g277's impressions

dcfis's impressions

Salvatore's impressions, Pt. 1

Salvatore's impressions, Pt. 2

Auditore's impressions

Sarurururu's impressions

arcorob's impressions

lwrs10's impressions

babyhunz's impressions

ElBartoME's impressions


Tube ID:


Tube ID tips from Tubemonger (Head-Fi post by HK_sends)


Factory Codes:


How to interpret factory and date codes by Salvatore

Amperex, Mullard, Philips and Valvo tube codes by Brent Jessee Recording & Suppy, Inc

Read and understand the codes [Tube-Classics.de]

Philips tube codes PDF

Philips factory valve codes PDF


Identifying Amperex Tubes:


How to identify by Salvatore




Led color mod by ElBartoMe


Miscellaneous Audio Links:


Describing Sound: A Glossary

Headphone Measurements Explained

Frequency Chart

Build a Headphone Graph

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Coil, could you do easy to read all-in-one review post of your tubes.

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Originally Posted by penmarker View Post

I can tap the tube with my nails and not hear anything through my cans. How microphonic is your tube?


my tubes are not either.. hah, my point is basically just a justification to what tommo21's observation was and offering a plausible viewpoint on the dampers.. my Aune is not vibrating and tubes are not microphonic... beyersmile.png



Originally Posted by CoiL View Post

I have some tubes that are littlebit microphonic (sensitive to tapping) but will tube damper make bass tighter? Sorry, still think it`s bs.


no one is convincing you, just a sharing.. have not tried that myself either, so I thought an open opinion can do just fine...


anyway, thanks for the efforts for the reviews and also to Salvatore for the collation! beerchug.gif

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So far, the only tube that I have that are microphonic is the power tube on my Darkvoice 336se, Tung-sol 5998/Chatham 2399. Everything else, I can't hear a thing tapping.

Listening to the new Daft Punk album right now and thoroughly enjoying it on my setup. I can leave Head-Fi now and be blissfully ignorant of everything else. dt880smile.png *slumping into chair* Ahhhh. biggrin.gif
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White logo Ultron PCC189 is like meant to be played with new NIN -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgwrxcO48N8

Freaking eargasm! ;P


edit: nah, I think it was just based on song emotion, gold logo Ultron still tinybit better but both really good with this kind of music.


Btw, just won auction on two Brimar PCC189 ( made by Mullard Blackburn, IP1/B2J3 and IP1/B2J4 ) tubes for 4.7£ (posting included).

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I've been looking around for a good amp/dac since I got my Sennheiser HD 558s and after a bunch of posts here and elsewhere the Aune T1 and Astro Mixamp were brought to my attention. I want something primarily for music but something that can also do gaming, pc gaming that is, and the usage would be 50/50 music/gaming. Would the Aune T1 be a good choice or would it be better to go with the mixamp? 

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I've never heard of the Mixamp before, but the Aunte T1 would be a great choice.
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Over the last week or so I have been trying out the 6N23P Voskhod tube. I found its sound to be a bit wearing, too forward for long listening sessions. I just switched back to the 6922eh and immediately noticed a more pleasing sound with the jazz and classical that I listen to most. I don't really know the correct terms to explain what I like better about the 6922 but out of the 2 tubes I currently have, I definitely like this one best. Now to save up for a good NOS tube to see how that works. Right now I'm listening to Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells, spectacular!
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With mike oldfield trubular bells - 6922EH is way better! 6N23P is very foward sounding tube with considerably less air and soundstage. 6N23P is good for jazz glam-rock etc. to create very close intimate feeling. But even then I personally find it to be too "muddy & through the blanket" sounding. I think for classical you should try Tesla PCC88 (32 coded yellow) / JAN Sylvania 6922 / Ultron PCC189.

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