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Thinking about an Asgard 2 to replace my vintage receiver as an amp for the T1. Anyone try this combo? It sounds great right now, but takes up a ton of space on my coffee table. Thanks
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edit: Wow. I think you nailed exactly what this poster said after comparing a bunch of caps and being torn between Cerafines and Silmic II's... from him:


Elna Cerafine: The midrange is really pushed to the front with the Cerafine’s, vocals now sit out in front of the speakers into the room. The upper mids and high end have what I would call an open window to the music. Let me explain, there is a small jazz band playing in a building and you are standing outside the window listening, you can hear the music quite well, now you open the window now you can really hear it, there is nothing between you and the music. That is how the Cerafine’s sound in the upper midrange and out to the high end, I have not really heard better. They better the Silmics in 2 area’s and both have to do with detail, the high end of the Cerafine’s are just a tad more open and detailed giving you an even closer sound to the real thing. The other is in low bass detail and articulation, they are not as strong in the lowest octave as the Silmics but what is there is very detailed. The Cerafine’s do not have the lush smooth tube sound of the Silmics but sound like the best that solid state can offer.


Worth a read if anyone is interested: http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/archive/index.php/t-381961.html


Uploaded a supplement guide to your tutorial:  http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=82665433329654549106


More pictures there, but not as detailed as the original tutorial though, that's why I like to think of it as a supplement only :smile:

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1 more question, as for the Panasonic caps, I couldn't find any FR caps, so I used M caps (the blue ones), quite a lot cheaper, but that's what I could find. Do they play an important part in shaping the sounds? In other words, is it imperative that I use FR caps instead of M caps?


Put simply, I'm aiming at the warmness sound of tubes. Frankly, I don't really like what I got from the Cerafine. Not that it sounds bad (it's far more detailed and wider than the original caps, actually), but like you posted, sounds too much of solid state for me. 


Thank you. 


If you're looking to hear warmness, I would recommend the Silmic II's. For me, everything that I loved about the signature sound of rolling different tubes was fleshed out better after upgrading to them. I described it as liquid gold and I think it really accentuates what the T1 is capable of doing with different tubes. I have tried faster capacitors in the Woo Audio WA2 and I also felt they diminished everything that I loved about the amp... especially the smooth tube sound. I ended up paying for some expensive capacitors that gave the WA2 more speed, but took too much away. I think this is probably how you feel about the Cerafines, but I don't want to put words into your mouth... just some thoughts. I think the Silmic II's are worth trying.


As for the Panasonic FR's... these were the power caps chosen by some headfi'ers posting here towards the beginning of the year, after trying a couple different ones. The FR's have great specs, better than the M series, but I'm not sure if/how the sound would change. I find that with the FR's, the bass is heavier and tighter than the stock T1. Paired with the right tube, the T1 has decent attack. (I find the Siemens E88CC and the Miniwatt E188CC to have considerably better bass/attack than other tubes I've heard). To give you an example, I now hear drums that are being slapped by hand and the natural reverb of the drum skins on some songs where I could never tell this was actually happening. I think it's great to hear the attack but also the decay afterwards, carrying the weight of everything through.


Here are the links for the Panny datasheets: http://industrial.panasonic.com/www-data/pdf/ABA0000/ABA0000CE12.pdf


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