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Originally Posted by CoiL View Post

Don`t forget to make mkII filter mod, without it there is no comparsion. Btw, I have HD-681 and HD662F if you wanted to order same cans. I don`t have 668b.

For me that humble-pie-eating-attitude already says pretty much about your future opinion. Value in upgrade is each person own to decide. These are our personal opinions and noone can say that yours is "better" than mine. Propably we just have to agree to disagree. But enough of offtopic.


Anyway, got my Mullard ECC88 (BVA, Imported, GAG, delta5D2, A-frame dimple disc getter). First impressions - very good tube for rock/metal/jazz. 

Similiar to my Amperex ECC88/6DJ8. Will rest my ears and burn that tube littlebit, will get more detailed info tonight/tomorrow. One thing is sure - it is among 3 best tubes I have.

Honestly I can be smug when I'm sure I'm right, but that has never stopped me from being objective.  Basically I will test that if the AKG K242HD is worth twice the price with the T1, and to make things harder - twice the clarity, since value is subjective.

Originally Posted by Grevlin View Post

Well, the T1 came in.


I was a little surprised on the tube. It's labeled:


6922EH Electro Harmonix - Made in Russia - 12 02

Which I believe is an upgrade, though I did not see anything about that when I ordered. beerchug.gif


Couple pics: (I got the black version)




I've literally listened to like two songs with my new K702's (maybe 30 hours break-in)


Its sounds amazing to me already.  Volume dial is around 25% when I'm listening.



QUESTION: The switch on back is labeled "SW"  - is this an actual power switch? The tube goes dark if I flip it, but I don't know if its actually cutting power.




Its gonna take me a while to break it in and really get some opinions, but at first glance - I'm extremely happy.

High current + decent voltage + colouration = heaven for AKG's

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Originally Posted by Grevlin View Post

Side note: I'm staying around 15-25% on the volume dial. Is that...normal?  Can't imagine how loud it can get.


What's your gain setting? I'm using 0 gain and volume between 25-75% depending on the mood ;) My advice is to use as low gain as possible.

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Yeah, 15-25% sounds a bit low, but I don't have an EH tube in mine so it may be louder naturally. I'm usually at 35-40% with 0db gain on my 7308.

Maybe you have the gain dip switches on? Flip it over and check to see. Mine were set to on from the factory.
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Originally Posted by Grevlin View Post

Side note: I'm staying around 15-25% on the volume dial. Is that...normal?  Can't imagine how loud it can get.


What's your gain setting? I'm using 0 gain and volume between 25-75% depending on the mood ;) My advice is to use as low gain as possible.



Same here. 0 gain and volume around 15-30%. Over 30% it starts to hurt my ears with longer listening.

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Originally Posted by toschek View Post

Mine were set to on from the factory.


Yeah same here. At first it was loud as hell. First thing I did was check the gain settings and it was indeed set on from the factory. Of course the volume levels depend also from your headphone impedance. I would imagine 0 gain 15-25% level could be loud with certain headphones.


Edit: toschek you planning on getting the EH tube? Even if you're not the biggest fan of EH products it would allow you to compare your tube collection against current stock tube. I think many member would appreciate that (me included).

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Yes, I'll pick one up. Does anyone have a link to a dealer with the EH in the US? I know there was one far back in the thread but I'm too lazy to hunt for it. Nevermind, I found one, should be here in a few days smily_headphones1.gif

If anyone knows where I can pick up one of the dimple getter Amperex ECC88s I'll give that a shot too. I can always sell them off if I don't like them.

I'd like to compare anything with the 7308, I've got two of them now I liked it so much.
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Originally Posted by Grevlin View Post

Thanks for the info.

I've been listening to the 6922EH that came with it all day because I need to start having things to compare off of. It was a ridiculous improvement as is, but I'm positive I will get better at hearing the differences.

I have an Amperex ECC88 in the mail to me now.

Today, I also received an Electro Harmonix 6922EH Gold and Rocket Logo 6N23P (both from boiaudioworks and both pre-screened for low noise) So I'll be giving each a day or two of listening in the rotation. I understand these things have break-in periods as well so it's gonna be a while. atsmile.gif

I also started a tube log to keep track of my impressions on all these tubes.

Side note: I'm staying around 15-25% on the volume dial. Is that...normal?  Can't imagine how loud it can get.

Cool, I hope you dig the rocket logo, it is very intimate sounding with 702s, still one of my favorites. There is a sweet and wistful nature to the sound, I really like it still with chamber pop like O'Rourke, Shintaro Sakamoto or the Beach Boys and it really sounds nice with small ensemble classical pieces. The soundstage is a bit too limited in my opinion for large orchestral pieces but otherwise its a brilliant tube.

As far as breaking in the tubes, 30 minutes of warm up should be sufficient.
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toschek, there`s one 69` Amperex single leg dimple disc here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AMPEREX-6DJ8-ECC88-LARGE-DIMPLED-DISK-GETTER-WORLD-TUBE-HOLLAND-1969-DATE-/380571091984?_trksid=p5197.m1992&_trkparms=aid%3D111000%26algo%3DREC.CURRENT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D14%26meid%3D5375485883686256257%26pid%3D100015%26prg%3D1006%26rk%3D1%26sd%3D380571091984%26


Would buy it myself but don`t bother to order from so far away, afraid of getting it lost or damaged in post. And about Mullard ECC88 vs. that single leg dimple disc amperex ECC88 - amperex is still better. Will get more detailed comparsion tonight. 



E: Grevlin, have you got your single leg dimple disc amperex? What is your opinion? Also interested about 6922EH vs. 6922EH Gold. And if you bother to write, could you make comparsion between all your tubes taking 6922EH as base point like I did with my tubes? 

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I've just purchased my first decent set of full-sized headphones (DT 770 80-ohm) and have been on a quest to find a good desktop DAC/amp for them. After ruling out dozens of alternatives for various reasons I've decided the T1 sounds like it might fit the bill... the only thing that gives me pause is the relatively high output impedance (10 ohm), as I've read the DT 770 is particularly sensitive to this measure and anything 10 ohm or higher can result in uncontrolled, muddy bass. Say it ain't so! Has anyone tried this combination?


I've fallen in love with the T1, it has character, and the idea of being able to effect a real change in sound quality by swapping out tubes sounds kind of delightful. Also it's less than half the price of an ODAC/O2 tongue.gif any thoughts?

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First thread post:





Q:What headphones are adequately driven by the Aune T1 amp?

A: Almost every headphone I have tried with the T1 works very, very well. 


Here is a list of headphones that I've used on the T1, and I think sound great:

Sennheiser HD800

Sennheiser HD650

Hifiman HE-400 

Beyerdynamic DT880 and DT990 (250 ohm versions)

AKG K702 Anniversary

AKG K550

Symphones Magnum v4 and v5 (my favorite headphones)

I imagine that Grado headphones would make an excellent match with the T1 since the Magnums sound so good on it.

The Beyerdynamic T1 sounds good on the T1, but I personally found that it benefits a little in the bass department with the extra power from my speaker amp (I terminated the Beyers to banana plugs).


I think DT-770 will be ok.

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According to switches and manual, gain is at zero. 15-25% volume is fine, sounds like its pretty common to have it around there.


My Amperex has not arrived yet - this week most likely.


I do plan on posting my impressions and comparisons, but it's gonna be a while because I want to give each tube some time. Plus my learning curve will certainly skew things and will probably go back and re-try some tubes and compare again.


I did not know the T1 would come with a 6922EH and I had already ordered the 6922EH Gold. This will now give me a chance to compare the two.



My goal is not really to find the best tube as quickly as possible but to just enjoy the search.



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Do you hear any humming or noise when music is no playing?

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Originally Posted by kwatch View Post

Do you hear any humming or noise when music is no playing?

Is that question for me?


Mine is dead silent without anything playing. Both with 6922EH yesterday and Rocket Logo 6N23P today.

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Zero noise from my Aune T1. Of course when you have poor quality audio and don`t bypass PC internal output filtering ( you must use kernel stream plugin, ASIO or some alternative), then there will be some noise. Otherwise, turned my speakers and headphone knob to max with nothing playing - silence. That reminds me that I have to mod my custom short USB cable by cutting out +5V pin.

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Hi, i am a new comer in head fi, i am studying in beijing, and thanks to you guys, i bought aune t1 for $120 here. Yes they have none of the 6n11 tube anymore, mine come with eh 6922, which actually sells for usd 12 in China. (Of course i get better warranty :) ). I have used senn px 100 for 4 years and just decided to enjoy more music by getting the akg k240 mk2. Only to find out that other guys "cried" for having a usb dac and amp to power them. So i buy this aune t1, it hurts me a lot that quality is expensive. But yes i also cried the first time i listened to it. 


I have to admit that I need to learn the word "sound stage", "airy", "analytical". But here is my short review with my only standard being the original px100 and my local church band which i helped set. Listening on my new equipment tells me about good music and mastering. Bass and drums become more natural and closer to reality than the bass head px100. Sound stage is very small if your ear is not trained to differentiate from the laptop soundcard. But instrument separation, vocal pump is the keyword. A/b ing have revealed it to me. And yes, i must say that all music become more engaging, not to mention those background music on movies too.


i am now following this forum to see which cheap tube i should get. Thanks guys. 


Oh i also sandpapered the tube cover so i can unplug them easily.

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