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Originally Posted by hdtv00 View Post

From what I understood it's not missing 24 bit support , it's more of mislabeled 24 bit support. But either way could care less if it doesn't do 24 bit /192 it's an entirely worthless upgrade and pointless product.


Honestly, almost all of the music I play is coming from a streaming service so it's not a big deal for me either. It doesn't even say 24 bit on the front like the Mk1s do. I just want them to stand behind their product. 


That 24 bit support is mislabeled though is pretty much a lie. Hopefully Massdrop doesn't take their word for it. The audio endpoint enumerates abilities at handshake time with the host, and currently the T1 isn't advertising it supports 24 bit. That's the whole point of "driverless" USB class 1 audio. The USB chip and the DAC chip should, combined together, support up to 24/96 and report that. 

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I msg'd Koolpep, who also has a T1 MK2 from Massdrop, and asked him about how his unit is functioning. He's on a Mac but his unit doesn't show 24 bit support either. He says that he uses bit perfect to scale up the audio files to 32 bit and the T1 plays fine. Not sure how that's possible tho since the dac chipset itself can't handle it.

E: I wonder if Aune is going to post this announcement on their own front page...
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They said the announcement would be ready by end of day in China, which should have been hours ago.


In other news I grabbed myself a used Sylvania 7308 (in a set with a Sylvania 6922 as well) just for kicks, since Amperex's model gets all the love. Really a step up on the treble happy Gold Lion for my AD900x I think.

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It's nice to see your player put out 24 bit, but in reality you would need some of the most expensive equipment available and the highest quality audio recordings available to hear the difference in 16 bit vs 24 bit.  Even then I doubt you could hear any change.


I would bet my RCA made Amperex 6992, that if you were blindfolded and had some of the highest quality audio files out there that you could not tell any difference if I could switch back and forth between 16 bit and 24 bit.


Of course we all want what the product advertises, but at the end of the day 8 bits more is almost inaudible.



I thought I would share this find on Ebay, a pair of 1962 Holland Amperex Bugle Boy ($55):




It's not perfectly balanced, but it is damn close and I would bet closer than most of the tubes that are in current production.  That is insanely cheap, but the test results don't lie and I got my Siemens 6992 from the same seller. 

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A lot of CD audio has the bulk of the sound at -20dB, leaving that much headroom.  20dB is just shy of 7 bits of linear dynamic range... which means it has effectively 9 bits except when the intensity requires the headroom.  And since it's an AC signal it has effectively an 8 bit signed quantity.  24 bits let's you run 16+ bit resolution at -20dB.


This comes from the silliness of linear encoding, where the lowest 9dB has all of 7 values (0 being "all signals too weak to capture"), while the top 9dB has 57344 values.

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