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Wanted: Desktop amp

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Desktop amp

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I have a few low-mid range impedance headphones that are right now directly plugged in to an adapter which is getting connected into my M-Audio Audiophile 24/96. I know most of them don't require an amp from what I read (ATH-AD900, AKG K550) but I know a few of them could benefit from one (AKG k271 MKII for example). Is there a desktop amp one would recommend or is looking for selling? I am not an expert but would enjoy trying out one for the sake of experimenting. THere seem to be a few good ones out there that are selling brand new at around 300 dollars. Where can I go from there? If the amp could also give more power to my Audio Engine A2 speakers it could also be good.


There are some many products out there and the technical info often confuses me. Maybe some of you are more at ease than me :)


Thank you!

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You shouldn't post in the Headphone For Sale/Trade section if you're looking for an amp....there's an Amplification section for that. Also, you could ask in the forums for advice on amps. Check out the amplification section though, people sell some good stuff.

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