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For Sale: RAM-modded PS Audio GCHA Headphone Amplifier *SOLD*

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For Sale:
RAM-modded PS Audio GCHA Headphone Amplifier *SOLD*

Will Ship To: CONUS

BIG PRICE DROP for my PS Audio GCHA Headphone Amp in killer condition given top-to-bottom modifications by Kyle Takenaga of Reference Audio Mods.  If you don’t know Kyle’s work, here is your chance to get to know it.  I own his ultra-modded Wyred 4 Sound Dac2 and it is in another league entirely from the stock unit.  My favorite DAC.  Same goes for this classic headphone amp.  I just have too darn many head amps so this sonic beauty needs to go to another loving home.  Here is a brief description of what Mr. Takenaga does to the stock GCHA:


"The PS Audio GCHA Reference Headphone amplifier is PS Audio's response to creating a reference class headphone amplifier for the most critical listeners. The great feature of the GCHA HeadPhone Amplifier is the way it was designed to work with any computer! Just plug into the USB port on any Mac or Windows based computer and it works. Upon connection, it automatically installs the appropriate drivers and software and works transparently with Windows XP. You can stream live music over the Net, playback downloaded music from your hard drive or play a CD from your computer’s CD-R drive or RAM Modified CD/DVD/SACD player.  We received one after its long awaited arrival in 2006. We used a set of Sennheiser HD-650 headphones and a RAM Fully Modified Samsung HD-950 universal player, and just recently a Fully Modded RAM Oppo DV-981HD and DV970HD player for evaluation. The stock sound is toted to being very good from the advertisements, but we noticed its lacks the resolution, openess, clarity and naturalness. We applied our industry unique modification topologies in a mod package most people can afford and we noticed a absolute significant and audiable improvement in transparency, high frequency capabilities, detail, dynamics and microdynamics, immediacy and clarity. If you own a GCHA you'll be in for a treat of your life for incredible world class performance!


Modifications, Descriptions, and Price


Full Modifications package ($500 installed/Return Shipping is Free)

·  Replace stock diodes in the power supply with custom handmade ultra low impedance RAM versions.
Improvement: Replacing the stock diodes with our custom RAM versions eliminate the grain and glare of the stock noisy silicon diodes. Since our diode bridges are ultra low impedance and ultra fast, music has now more speed and more dynamics. Our diode bridges are handmade per mod order and take some time to make and install.

·  Replace ALL stock mediorce quality electrolytic capacitors in power supply circuits and PS Audio GainCell/Amplfier circuits with Rubycon ZA/ZL series capacitors.
Improvement: These capacitors are much more open sounding, very neutral and have more speed than any other cap on the market. We have compared Blackgate FK/N, Panasonic FC/FM, Nichican Muse, and Os-cons and they are not in the same league. We arrange them in a way they are ultra fast and provide the best performance. There is a significant amount of time/labor involved in doing this but the result is completely rewarding.

·  Replace stock internal line audio wiring with Audio Consulting Silver Wire/Cotton Tubing
Improvement: Much more openess and resolution, no more grain in the sound, bass definiton improves, tonal balanced is much better.

·  Replace stock RCA single ended jacks with the new WBT NextGen connectors
Improvement: We add a set of high performance WBT Nextgen RCA connectors for the closest to "no connector" connection possible for the single ended outputs. These are the best sounding RCA female chassis connectors on the market! The reason is they use very little amount of metal and have no eddy current issues with a large surface of metal unlike everything else available on the market. We had done head to head comparisons and these connectors lose the grain the other connectors such as cardas and vampire connectors on the market."


Original box, manual and power cord (although such a killer amp begs for an upgraded power cord.  Ask me - I have some for sale.)


New, this GCHA was around $1000.  And the mods cost another $500.

But I am willing to part with this extraordinary headphone amp for SOLD + Paypal + shipping.

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