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I am currently getting a BFA in Graphic Design. I would love to know if you have any type of summer internships coming up that would be centered around your graphic department.






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-Deleted as irrelevant.

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Will you consider non us citizens?
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As you are on the Eurasian continent, it may be best to contact Sennheiser world wide headquarters in Deutschland
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No position available for web development? Come on I'm sure I could pretty up at least the Sennheiser Canada site quite a bit :P

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Well, I'm from Brazil and i'm in 5th grade of international relationships. Would you hire in latin america? Brazil have been very well in economy, i'm sure this is the place to invest  smily_headphones1.gif

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I removed some discussion that included speculation/assumptions about the position.


If you feel you are qualified for any of the positions--and if you are genuinely interested in finding out more about them--I suggest you submit your qualifications to Sennheiser, as per the first post of this thread.

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Debbie, I am new here, and just ran across this.  Is the Channel Manager position still open?  Where would I send my resume?


Thank you.

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Hi Debbie,


Would you be posting any opening for Canada as well? I live in Vancouver, B.C.



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Travel 30% sounds good. I love to be always on the way rather than sitting in the office.

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Originally Posted by colonelkernel8 View Post

If they open up an engineering department stateside, I would definitely be interested.


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really a great opportunity for all who interested, but i'm still a student struggling for degree, good luck to those with qualification :)

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do they need a headphone tester?

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at the moment i am located in germany and work as a Teamleader of product management and keyaccount in banking business. i got skills in project management, IT business and overall management during the years.My native language is german but my english is good as well. Would leave germany for a good reason. Let me know, if i should send you my cv,



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