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Hey there just having a few problems with the eq pro
And need some needed help , I converted my albums to alac
So I can use them via eq pro and it's funny because every album
Is at different volumes and am finding it very difficult to adjust this
No matter what I do I can't get them to sound right what am I doing
Wrong it's so difficult to adjust think you have to be a audio expert
To get this right , is there a graph to show me a pattern I could follow.
Any suggestions would be great
Thanks guys .
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Sorry Nick - that's one I have no experience with.  Have you checked to see if the app developer has a forum (http://mix1009.com/equalizerpro/)?  You might need to email the developer.  Most of the app developers are pretty good at sorting issues & only too happy to help.

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After many downloads of numerous equalisers my findings
Are that many of them have an artificial sound which I just can't put my
Finger on sounds to me like a lot of echo , no matter how I set them it
Makes no difference to the sound , I found that the flac player is the
Best sounding with the flattest frequency response and does not
Take endless amount of time to set, the flac player is second to none
As far as apps go , converted some flac files to alac so I can play them
Natively on my iPhone music player and to me they have not got
The edge like flac files have I would rather use up the extra space
Than messing around with apple lossless? Just my opinion.
If you guys have an opinion on what I am experiencing please message
Me and let me know what you think !
Thanks guys
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