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HDJ 2000 Cable

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I'm getting the HDJ 2000's but i don't like coiled cable and i cant seem to find a 4ft mini xlr to 1/8 inch cable. Any suggestions? should i make one? if so where do i get the stuff? I'm new to this so sorry

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Easy to make. Markertek and others carry the materials if you are in the US. With Neutrik or Switchcraft connectors, and mogami cable, you can put together an 8 ft cable for $15.

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I've looked around the Marketek website and found a lot of stuff. what specific connectors and cable do you recommend?


Is this mini xlr connector ok?




Theses have so many varieties







I have no idea which cable would be best either


Sorry I'm such a noob at this

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That switchcraft mini-xlr should be just fine. I like mogami 2893, just double up two of them for the ground. 

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It is a bit thick, but very flexible. It fits fine into the mini-xlr you linked above. You can also strip off the rubber insulation on the outside, and cover it with paracord, making it even more light and flexible.


That Rean/Neutrik would work, but I prefer the Switchcraft ones: http://www.markertek.com/Connectors-Adapters/Audio-Connectors/3-5-2-5mm-Mini-Connectors/Switchcraft-Corporation/35HDBAU.xhtml

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Cool thanks. i think this is solved. thank you

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