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Little dot MK6+

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Hello, I create that thread because I need some help.

I bought a beyerdynamic T1, but the headamp choose is very confused.

I wanted to take the Woo audio WA2 or Decware CSP2+, because these headamps sounds to make a nice combo with the T1.

but I live in france, so buy a new WA2 or CSP2 will cost me like 1000 eur, because of taxes, customs ect ect.. ( my maximum budget is aprox 750 eur ).

So I ask you this question, because I didn't find many reviews about MK6+, What do you think about it, does it got a good value and then, do you think it could make a good duo with the beyer T1 ?( or maybe should i take a solid state amp like meier corda classic or beyer a1?)


I thank you.




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According to reports the Ld Mk6+ is an excellent amp especially for the price but only if you have a balanced source. Otherwise the other 2 you mentioned may be better choices.

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If you dont see any orthodynamic in your future you may be better of with the MK8. Its geared for high impedance phones. The mk6 is still good though.
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I've used the WA2 and the MKVI+ with the T1 and I endend up selling the WA2. The WA2 is really too smooth and lush for my taste. The MKVI+ is much more dynamic, a bit more SS sounding than the WA2. I think the MKVI+ is one of the most underrated amp on Head-Fi. 

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