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Recommend me a decent short headphone extension cable (3.5mm)

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I've searched the net, bought around 10 and all have been crap. I need one for using iem's with my smartphone on the go.


Basically, what I'm looking for is a short 3.5mm headphone extension cable (3.5mm male to female) that works perfect. I'm not a believer in audiophile cable capabilities BUT I want one with high quality connectors and wires that works in these ways:

- usable for portable use so it shouldn't be that thick, rigid, or heavy

- shouldn't loose connection with a twist

- No crackling

- short, at around 30cm max

- European availability


Please recommend a cable that you have tried personally and therefore can vouch for yourself. Please don't come out with crap like 'there's no difference between cables, get the cheapest you can,' because I've had over 10 of these cables and none (I repeat none) work properly. Believe me there's plenty of difference between something that works and something that don't. Night and Day. On and Off. Works and Don't work.


Thanks to anyone that responds, if anyone does...

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I'd like to find some myself especailly short ones for connecting MP3 player to amp etc. I've tried the ones from HK and China and they all seem to break fairly easily. 

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There's a lack of these headphone extension type cables that are available on the universal consumer market. I don't know why. Check on amazon and all the shortish ones have reviews telling of how crap the cables are. Hole in the market I guess. 

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My Denon IEMs included a cable like this (and I can't give you mine, because I need it tongue.gif) - perhaps you can buy it as a "spare" from Denon? I have AH-C751k for reference. This will probably take a phone-call to inquire about.

Alternately, I know that Bose used to include extension cables with their headphones, they still make the extension today and sell them separately (I think they charge all of $15 for them too), but as I recall they're something like 25' long. Just checked their site, and I'm unfortunately right: http://www.bose.com/controller?url=/shop_online/headphones/audio_headphones/accessories/headphones_20ftcable_acc.jsp&color=bl (it'll at least work though, but that's A LOT of slack, it's fairly thin wire though, so it does compress (it's the same or similar to what they wire their headphones with)).

Both cables here I know will work. smily_headphones1.gif

Otherwise I'd point at the fairly standard 6' Hosa extension, but that's kind of a garden hose for portable use. frown.gif
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Thanks for them recommendations.


I think the denon cable is a bit too long (nearly 1 meter), or maybe they are shorter?? I just needed a thinnish, light, flexible cable to extend the size of the phonak 112 / dba 02mkII by about 1 foot so that I can comfortably use smartphone capabilities (web browsing and stuff) whilst my earphones are connected (I wear earphones to run round the back, under my shirt hence the need for a longer cable than usual). 


I've just got a custom cable made from some very helpful guy and his company in europe. He said he'll make it to spec and I reckon it should solve my problems!!

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The Denon cable is about one meter, yes.
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