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Dj Style Headphones

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I'm looking for a pair of good headphones. I've never had a high en pair of headphones so this will be my first over 5$ pair. My criteria are as follows

-Durrable ( I don't take extreem care of headphones but I'm also not an animal)

-Swivel (I like headphones to be around my neck but non swivel headphones like the sony mdr-v6 that my friend has are wierd)

-removable cord (for changing if it snaps which i hear is a big problem)

-Straight Cable ( I dont like coiled because they snag on everything)


I'm considering the 


-Technics RP-DH1200 DJ Headphones

-Koss ProDJ100 Headphones

-Ultrasone dj1 Pro


I like the technics and the ultrasones but the cable is hard to find and is coiled


I am willing to spend 200$ or more if the headphones are really good

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I think you should take a look at the Pioneer HDJ2000. It's about $250 and it's a better option than the ones you listed.

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I like them. what is the difference between the Pioneer HDJ2000 and the Pioneer HDJ2000 k"s. on amazon the Pioneer HDJ2000 k"s are 30$ cheaper but do they do the same stuff. Also, do these requier an amp. i will be using them for portable use half the time so i want to know if i should buy a portable amp also. Thank you

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The only difference is the color. The "K" is all black.

They're only 36 ohms so they should be pretty easy to drive, but they will sound better with an amp. 


Since it's a DJ headphone it only comes with the coiled cord.

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These are both really good headphones. which are more durable the panasonic or audio technica. also would any cable with a mini xlr to 3.5 mm cable work 

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HDJ-2000 is leaps and bound beyond the ATH-PRO700MK2 on all your requirements.

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For the hdj 2000's will and cord with a mini xlr to 3.5 mm cable work if so do you know of any that are 4ft long

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Yes, its compatible with other mini XLR cables. I'm not sure of a specifically 4tf long cable, though.

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I think I've made my deccision. I'll but the silver hdj 2000's. Thanks to everyone who responded

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