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DT 990 Pro cable problems

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I have been using dt 990 pro 250ohm for about a year now and two days ago i suddenly lost audio on the left side. I replugged the headphone and they started working again. But the problem resurfaced so i tried to use them with other devices and the same result. However this only happens after 4~ hours of use. So i was wondering has anyone had this happen to them or any ideas as to if the cable is the culprit or could it be the plug. Weirdly enough if i clean the plug with a piece of cloth it starts working again for a short while. 

Since i am in Pakistan so there are no certified repair centers and to ship the cans to bayer for repair would cost me more then the cans themselves. So it has to be a DIY job. 

Any help or guidance would be appreciated. 

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So the plug isn't the problem. Left side is completely dead and after only a year. Such a shame, i hoped these would be a little more durable.Shame really. :(

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You know this same thing happened to me, mine are with the repair company as we speak. But it seems that you only seem to hear this problem of the DT 990 Pro version - I've never heard this issue spoken of about the Premium version....makes you wonder.

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Doesn't really makes sense that a ~$200 HP last just a year. That is some serious quality control issues there. Ah well time for a some AKGs then. 

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I am going to warn you by saying that akg quality is taking a dive too. Lots of amazon reviews say that that their k240s are breaking left and right.

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